Thursday, August 25, 2011

One day closer

Wisely, the weekend visitors have decided to stay put in New Jersey.  And the Second Fleet  has gone out to sea as predicted, so we won't see the Sailor Son and grands either.  Of course now it looks like New Jersey is going to get a more direct hit from Irene than we are.  It changes hourly.  Did I mention I have new hurricane apps?  ;-)

Hurricane Irene : Tracking Map : Weather Underground

In The Sandbox, the Juki has been humming.  Actually, with the walking foot it sounds more like a machine gun.  Two memory quilt tops were finished yesterday and delivered to Julianne today. 

And I've started cutting out two churn dash memory quilts.

This is a fraction of the cutting I need to do.  Sigh.  But I've opted not to risk using a rotary cutter this evening!  I was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes late this afternoon, so I'm seriously drowsy from the antihistamines as well as being so ITCHY!  Grrrrrrrrr.

The contract sewing has been fun, but I've discovered my cat allergies are an ongoing problem.  Since the t-shirts, sweatshirts and clothing fabrics come from people's homes, the chances are great that some if them will come from houses with cats.  Julianne has taken the trouble to add a cat question to her forms and she's made labels for the boxes that will come to me!  The box is also taped closed to keep her own sweet little kittens out.  Nice!

Hmmmmm.  What else did I do today.  Oh!  40 laps in the YMCA pool.  I'm still slow, but it's getting better.

And this morning Charlie's cage got a good clean out and scrub.  I took out all his toys and washed everything.  Then I made him new hanging toys and moved things around a bit.  I need to keep him on his toes! 

This is one of those baskets you put baby bottle parts in to go in the dishwasher.  I stuff it with shredded paper, small toys and goodies like Cheerios and peanuts.  He loves it!  Pretty soon the stuffing will be all over the bottom of the cage.....again.

All of his foot toys have been retrieved from wherever he'd flung them, washed, and put back to be flung again.  :-)

Yes Charlie.  I see you!  Do you have any idea how much work you are????

Goodnight.  :-)


Heera said...

Wow Katie, You have been so busy! Finishing those two quilt tops is so impressive. Also am impressed about those 40 laps in the pool.

Lynn said...

Love the memory quilts. I have to stop looking at the tracking, it's becoming an obsession. We found a little injured starving stray cat a few years ago, as we were evacuating from a beach trip during our last big hurricane. We meant to find it a good home, but my doctor suggested trying to keep it in order to build up a resistance to my severe cat allergy. As long as I don't touch him too much I'm okay, but what happened was that I'm just not allergic to him, but still life threateningly allergic to every other cat in the world! Go figure.

Lorraine said...

Hope you are safe! I am super impressed with the 40 laps in the pool...I swim like a set of car keys and avoid the water at all costs! I will stick to walking for my exercise I think.

Leeann said...

Oh I wondered why you had no cats with all your other pets. Now I know! Hope you haven't got too much storm damage there. The 2 quilts look great too, well done, isn't it nice to finish stuff.... must do more of that myself ;-)