Saturday, July 2, 2011


Just my luck....the day after we drove up to the Apple Store to buy a new case for my phone, the phone upped and died.  Sheesh!  For no reason that I could see, the phone suddenly got really hot to the touch and then wouldn't boot up.  So....  Not realizing that we were going to be stuck in a long traffic jam, I made the last available Genius Bar appointment.  We didn't realize there was a horrendous accident....two actually....that shut down major local highways for most of the day.  In our dash to get to our appointment on time we got stuck in the tail end of all the traffic snarl.  There was no avoiding it, and it turned out we weren't the only ones late that evening.  Anyway, the upshot was the phone was still just under a year old, so with no fuss and no bother they just gave me a new one.  Phew.

What else have we been doing this holiday weekend.  Hmmmmm.  Not sewing, unfortunately.  The Tramp has been busy listing things on Craigslist and meeting buyers at the door.  :-)  Yesterday we ran around to WalMart and Costco and such.  I had been keeping my eye out for canisters for the myriad of gluten-free flours and grains we have now.  Target and WalMart didn't have anything I liked.  Places like the Container Store or Tupperware want at least $15 each.  I don't think so!  So I was very pleased to run across a set of seven Rubbermaid Lock-its canisters at Costco for only $15 per set.  Much better!  

I bought two sets but as soon as I started rearranging the pantry this morning I realized they weren't nearly enough.  So after a little internet research and trips to not one, but two Kmarts, we finally found 13 more of the middle sized.  Just right for the little bags of Bob's Red Mill flours.

So this is the result.  Six large canisters, 17 medium, four small, and four older style ones Mom gave me.  You should have seen the flour cloud in my kitchen!  But I'm so pleased to have it all in order.  I have to bake everything for The Tramp now and trying to scoop cups of flour out of those small bags and boxes without loosing half of it on the counter or floor was making me crazy.  To say nothing of the fact I had run out of plastic bag clips, and was tired of hunting through the pile of little bags and boxes each time I baked.  

The big pantry is a little bit neater too.  My counters may cluttered, my sewing room always look a wreck, but I love my cabinets, closets and cupboards to be neat.  Neater than this.  :-)

The big problem with this pantry is that it's as wide as the wall but I can't get to the ends of the shelves because the doors are narrow.  How useless!  Along with ripping down the wallpaper and painting....sooner rather than later I hope (famous last words), we want to get that all opened up and solid doors put on rather than the bi-folds.   Then I can mount the spice racks and holders for all the wrap boxes.  I'm sooo tired of having to unlock the deadbolt and go out into the garage for kitchen stuff while I'm cooking.

But I can't complain.  Honest!  I love my house and am more thankful than I can say.  The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

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