Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stormy weather

Forth of July was pretty quiet here.  The rains came so there weren't even any fireworks.  Earlier in the day we did go to a pig pickin' birthday party, on a farm, in the equipment shed.  Sounds odd, but it was very pleasant.  On such a hot day it was nice to be in the shade and there was a strong breeze too.  The Tramp was very interested in the combine harvester we were sharing the shed with but there didn't seem to be any chance he would get to drive it.  LOL 

We were treated to a photo of Stardust in her holiday outfit.  Love those chubby cheeks!

Charlie has been enjoying his new play stand.

Learning how to climb all over it and of course picking the least comfortable places to balance himself.

Apparently the swing is for grabbing and swinging wildly around....not actually for swinging on.

I can hang here if I want to!  (click to see those pretty blue feathers he's showing off)

Get too close and I'm gonna peck that camera!

Today I added a skewer of fresh fruits and veg.  He loved it, but I haven't a clue why it's more appetizing while hanging upside down.  LOL

Yesterday I made another one of these PreTea Mouse Pin Keeps.  Lousy photos, but you get the idea.

I just love that face!

Yesterday evening after the rain, I watched the mist roll across the pond.

And watch the stormy weather blow away.

This morning I took Maisy for a walk through the Greenway.  It was cool, though quite humid.  Very pleasant nonetheless, with the birds and peepers, and the rain-swollen creek making nice watery noises.  A refreshing way to start the long as I have enough bug repellent sprayed on!  I'm a mosquito's dream come true.  Sigh.

I'm just thrilled we're finally getting some rain!

I worked in The Sandbox much of the day while thunder rumbled, and I have nothing photo-worthy to show for it.   :-)  I spent some hours prepping t-shirts and clothing for Patchwork Memories.  After Julianne decides how the quilts are to be laid out, I'll get the pieces back for sewing.

Sigh.  There are just too many projects and not enough hours in the day. 


Patchwork Penguin said...

We are supposed to have a chance of rain today.... we so need it.


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Jenny said...

Yum, I can almost smell that pig from here, bet it tasted yummy!