Monday, July 18, 2011

Do I need a 12 step program?

Some habits are good and some habits are bad.  My upstairs vacuum cleaner is definitely suffering from my bad habits.  Not only do we have three exceptionally hairy dogs, but I'm a confirmed thread tosser.  This is really bad!!!  Lots of long threads holding the dog hair in there.  I think I may need an intervention.

I love these vacuums.  We have a whole family of them.  :-)  Possibly I shouldn't be abusing them so!

Once I cleaned out the vacuum I got down to some sewing.  I finished another row on the Whistle Stop mystery quilt.  Yay! I have to do the flying geese row and then I'll be caught up and ready for the August row. 

And today I finished quilting and binding this long overdue wedding gift.  The Tramp will deliver it tomorrow and I hope the couple enjoy it.  I used a Spumoni Bali Pop and a matching Bali for the backing.  My Juki was having fits sewing the batiks and kept skipping stitches.  I was ready to throw the whole lot out of the window!  Nothing I tried as far as needle sizes, adjusting, oiling, or cleaning helped.  So I went to the TL98Q Yahoo Group and searched the messages until I came up with a hint that it might be the presser foot!  I changed my non-hopping foot for the regular hopping foot and worked!  Gotta love them Yahoo Groups.  :-)

The bride wanted fall colors so I thought some loops, leaves, and ribbons would be appropriate.  

Tomorrow is doll club.  Then I have to get back to the t-shirt quilts.    And finish cleaning the house.....water the garden......clean the bird cage.....walk a dog.....get my nails done.....cook email and blogs......and sleep.   Dang.  Maybe I should at least get started on the sleep part now.


Bonnie said...

Your post brings to mind the days I worked at a quilt store and one of my jobs was to vacuum the store before it opened. Talk about strings. That's where I learned that seam rippers do a great job of cutting those strings wrapped around a beater brush to make it easier to get them off.

You've been so busy! Great looking garden.

Patchwork Penguin said...

No you don't... i do the same thing. Only most of the hair picked up in our house is from two long-haired teenage girls.

Do you use your Juki for piecing as well as quilting? I have one, and haven't set it up yet.


Cathie said...

Hi Katie - it's been a while since I've visited. You have been very, very busy. Love this gift quilt - such nice colors and quilting. They're gonna be so happy.
P.S. I'm addicted to Shark "steam" appliances!! There - it's off my chest.