Saturday, January 1, 2011

One week later

Last Sunday we lived in a winter wonderland and today it was 65F and the snow is all gone. Kind of amazing. It was hard to know when to stop taking pictures!

The Tramp and I decided to go for a walk in the snow to the mall which was open, but many of the stores were not. Kind of weird for the day after Christmas, but for the best considering the condition of the roads.

The geese and ducks were unperturbed by the weather and these four were seriously foraging for something at the bottom of the pond.

It was odd seeing the big southern magnolias heavy with snow. Unfortunately, on that walk, The Tramp slipped on a wet rock while helping me jump the creek, and twisted his ankle. So this has been a quiet week at home with only a trip to the doctor and for xrays. I have been able to do some sorting out of the sewing room and did put together an "Accidental Landscape" of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It still needs to be quilted though.

Today Mom and Dad came over to watch the Rose Parade and partake of the Christmas dinner we missed because of the storm. It was so warm out a mist developed over the pond.

And there were birds singing all around, including a flock of robins. :-) Robins have become rare in my experience and it's wonderful seeing them every day lately.

It was neat watching the mist ebb and flow across pond and then finally slide away to envelope the neighbor's house.

And then it was gone.

Happy New Year!


Patchwork Penguin said...

Oh the snow is lovely!! And take care of the robins please... looking forward to seeing them again in March :o)

Tine said...

We still have a lot of snow, and I am looking forward to it being gone. There are so many accidents because of it.
Your pictures are gorgeous!

Lorraine said...

what a contrast in weather! Snowy or misty your lake looks amazing. you live in a lovely spot! Sorry to hear that the Tramp had a fall...hope he is back on his feet now. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics from your part of the world!

Lynn said...

Snow! It was nice having Christmas on Saturday and then the snow that night. We didn't have anywhere to go the next day so it felt like Christmas was 2 days long and so pretty out! I noticed last year that the robins never left. For all the years I've lived here that's a first they usually reappear during late February. Now again this year they are still here. Wonder why.
I love your blueridge quilt.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Hey katie,

I got your comment about Dear Jane but for some reason it is set at no-reply :o( so I couldn't reply back that way. Anyway, I do think a dear jane support group would be great.... my biggest hurdle will be getting the pieces ready.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

We've had very similar weather here...lots of snow and then all gone within a week!

Hope your DH's ankle is feeling better.