Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holiday weekend. Really?

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48

Holiday \Hol"i*day\, n. [Holy + day.]
1. A consecrated day; religious anniversary; a day set apart
        in honor of some person, or in commemoration of some
        event. See Holyday.
        [1913 Webster]
     2. A day of exemption from labor; a day of amusement and
        gayety; a festival day.
        [1913 Webster]
              And young and old come forth to play
              On a sunshine holiday.                --Milton.
        [1913 Webster]
     3. (Law) A day fixed by law for suspension of business; a
        legal holiday.
        [1913 Webster]

Whatever definition of the word you choose, having not done much useful for the past several weeks it's kind of hard to feel holiday-ish this weekend (no disrespect to Martin Luther King Jr.).  The Tramp has been working at home more than usual and neither of us has had the strength to do anything fun on the weekends.  Besides the ripping-up-carpet aberration, it's been really low-key around here. And The Tramp is now hacking and coughing along with me, poor baby.  I've been to the doctor again and have been given yet another inhaler.  Sheesh!  I wonder what's next?  The medicine cabinet's getting crowded.

I have done some sewing.  I got the Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt top cut out and partially put together.  So a picture of that should be coming soon. :-)

Today was bright and sunny, and warmer than it's been recently.  The Tramp decided to put up some closet shelving, and since it was warm enough I disappeared up into the attic.  One of the compromises when we decided to buy this house was that much of my craft/sewing storage was going to have to be up in the attic.  This sounds just fine, except when you realize that going upstairs is like going outside.  Hot in the spring, summer and fall, and cold in the winter.  Today I lucked out though and just needed a fleece jacket to stay comfortable.

Much needed to be done!

I spent hours up good result! All the moving boxes were finally emptied, much was put aside to take to the thrift shop and everything is labeled.  The old storm door, trash and empty boxes were hauled to the "convenience center."  The set of bi-fold doors that don't fit on the laundry have been listed on Freecycle and will be picked up tomorrow.  :-)

The other downside to the attic is the flooring.  The plywood is very thin.  As I worked I marked all the weak spots with red Xs.  At some point we have to replace it all, but for now I just have to tread very carefully!

Woohoo!  Look how nice!  My kitchen may be cluttered and my sewing area a mess, but I do like my storage to be neat.  :-D

Those white cabinets are full of sewing stuff.  Today I added the labels so I don't have to open every door to find something.  Yes, the cabinet on the left has no labels.  That's because....I'm embarrassed to's stuffed full of UFOs!  No label needed.  Sigh.

The end wall is all organized and labeled.  I'm down to just four bins of clothing.  Yay!  And all the empty bins are now full of fabrics.  I still need to get some bins for my batting and fiberfill.  Or alternatively....I suppose I could use it!

The shelves down the center are neatly filled and the bins labeled on both sides.  After the sorting I ended up with four bins of thrifted clothing! I need to ramp up my scrap quilting.  :-)

One set of shelves is next to the stairs, to stop klutzes like me from falling over the edge.  I filled them with office supply type stuff.

Now I need to take up the rest of the Christmas decorations and sort out and get rid of all the stuff I brought down from the attic.  Wait a minute!  I though tomorrow was a "holiday!"  And oh yeah.  The garage needs the same treatment.

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Lynn said...

That doesn't seem like fun, but when it's all done it's a good feeling. I'm one to talk though, I've been trying to sort out my sewing room for over a week now.