Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Charlie is such a handsome boy.  :-)

Yesterday I discovered our Charlie likes banana.  I bought some to make smoothies and a whole banana is too much.  So I broke off a bit for Charlie and once he got over the texture he seemed to like it.  The dogs were jealous so I gave them each a piece too and they liked it. Who knew?  So this morning when I opened my banana I was instantly surrounded by dogs and Charlie was nearly falling off the cage with excitement.  So I guess we're going to be eating a lot more bananas around here.  :-)

A new mix of outdoor bird seed has attracted all kinds of birds.  We have titmice, chickadees, house finches, carolina wrens, nuthatches, cardinals, goldfinches, woodpeckers and various others I haven't noted yet.  Last week we even had a small flock of redwing blackbirds!  It's the sort of thing that makes my day.  The new position of the feeder makes me happy too.  I'm easily pleased.  :-)  This photo has a house finch up top and a carolina wren and chickadee in the feeder.

Handsome house finch.

Not sure who this is.  I need to find my binoculars and bird books.

I caught this chickadee with his (her?) mouth full.  They flit off so fast!

And I was pleased to see a goldfinch amongst the crowd. (leftmost)

And!  Drumroll please.  I finally got this small quilt top together.  It's already pretty funky as designed, but I had to cheat a bit and piece some of the pieces.  Crazy.  The designer must not have used prewashed fabric...sigh.  I bought the right amounts but since I washed it (at least I assume that's the reason), I kept coming up short or very close to short.  The designer assumed a width of fabric I just didn't have!

Anyway.  It's cute and colorful and grand #1 should enjoy it.  I also have the Hungry Caterpillar book for him and the Hallmark Christmas ornament.  I picked up some backing fabric today and it just came out of the dryer.  Ironing time.

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Lynn said...

I love the quilt. Perfect for a grandchild. I read that book so many times to my kids. I've seen lots of goldfinches, but especially bluebirds, so many this year. Coincidentally my daughter just a few minutes ago was having a banana and asked whether our dog likes them. I said no, but may have to see now for myself. Actually I thought yes, if it's covered in chocolate. Just like me!