Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Carpet day

Besides being a dreary, cold, rainy day, today is carpet installation day!  Which is good....but it's a big job and even with them working steadily it's taking many hours.  The moving of furniture alone is a huge job.  So at 4:30 pm we are still sitting here in the kitchen with the dogs, suffering from the pounding over our heads and the horrible smell of sealing the seams, a guaranteed migraine for me.  Nonetheless, I'm thrilled it's happening and the guys appear to be doing an excellent job.

Last night we finished stuffing all of our loose belongings into the dining room and bathroom.  This includes all knick-knacks, pictures on the walls, bedding, computer stuff, lamps, bins of stuff from the sewing room, sewing name it!  The bathtub is full nearly to the ceiling.  The vanity is covered, as is the toilet and every inch of floor.

At one side of the vanity, supporting other things, are three Singers.

With the Juki and Bernina at the other end.  The Featherweight is somewhere on the floor.

Many rolls of padding (5 or 6?) were stacked in the front hallway, trapping us in the kitchen unless we went out into the garage and around.  :-)

The other kitchen doorway is to the dining room.  Yes, that's our sectional standing there.

Our first glimpse of the new carpeting.  I think it's going to be really nice. It's not nearly as light as it looks in the photo.  More of a medium brown. be honest...dirt brown.  Dog dirt brown.  But hopefully, classy enough to look nice even to those who don't know the reason for the color choice.  LOL

Until it started raining again, they were able to cut from the big roll outside in the driveway on top of the old carpet and padding.

The wall of furniture in the dining room.  :-)  I'm sure glad I wasn't the one who had to move the armoire with the TV in it!!

We are as comfortable as we can be, with laptops, books and sewing projects.

We tried sending the dogs out on the porch with chunks of rawhide to keep them busy for a while.  Maisy just stood there looking very hurt and confused.  :-)

So indoors they came so she could be more comfortable.

After much worrying and barking everyone has finally settled down!

 Thank goodness!!


Cheryl said...

Lucky you new carpet!!! It looks beautiful and glad everybody settled down!

Lorraine said...

you will be pleased to have it all sorted out so you can get your house back in order. Those dogs don't look happy at the disruption! I am sure they will love the new carpet...colour choice is excellent!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Phew...what a job! Bet it will look lovely when it is all done and dusted!