Thursday, January 10, 2008


Sigh...wrong again! Tiger isn't new, Leopard is. Can you tell I'd rather be working on step 6 of the mystery quilt than messing with this laptop??? :-) Anyway, struggle as I might I just couldn't covert a batch of photos. I tried to think of all of the things The Tramp would tell me to do to fix the problem. I closed and reopened software and fiddled all around with no luck, so I gave up.

So tonight after dinner I sent the workflow file to The Tramp and of course he comes back to me in minutes saying what's the problem, it's working fine. So I tried it again and does work! I can't figure out if the computer gods are with me or agin me....sheesh. I guess the software just needed to "rest" awhile. Yes...I know...any geek who reads this will wet their pants laughing...but this kind of stuff happens all the time!!! REALLY!

So...where was I before I was so rudely embarrassed by a hunk of circuitry....

Oh yes, photos!

New photos of my beautiful grandbaby! Those dark eyes just slay me...sigh. :-)

Uhhhh...what else did I say I/we were doing. Oh yes, the house is back to normal again. Look Ma, no garland! I've finished the first five steps of Bonnie's mystery quilt. I just printed out step 6. Woot!
I've had this bag pattern for months and I finally got a chance to make it. I really like it. The pattern is "On the Breeze" by Scrap-bags.

Today while waiting for the window man I started sorting my stacks of loose recipes into a new binder.
And I dusted off my bread machine and made English Muffin Bread. And it came out good!!! (always a bit of a shock) Last week I got serious with a hunk of Creative Paperclay. It's far from finished but not a bad start for a beginner. Mom and Dad are moving again, to a house just down the road from us. It's a great house and it'll be really nice to be so close. And a couple of dog photos thrown in for giggles. Happiness is, apparently, not just laying at your master's feet...but also using them as a pillow.
Sheer bliss.....


Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Katie -- a loaded post! Sure wish you'd come and sort recipes for me! Great projects -- looks like you're good and busy. Your dog is so pretty and how fun to have your parents just down the road. When mine moved here I wanted them just down the road from me, but my sister whined louder so they're just down the road from her LOL!

meggie said...

O all your lovely photos Katie. I just love your grandson, how gorgeous he is! And Ngaire looks sublimely happy!!