Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday stuff

Today I got a few things done...despite the fact it is Monday. The most important was having the heating fixed in the old part of the house! We are waiting for a part but we do have real heat now (as opposed to the pretend heat we had before).

I jumped into the Bargello Bowl with two feet. The strips are all cut. I was having so much fun! But it sure does make one realize just how much fabric is in one's stash. (Who? Me?)
I couldn't stop there. I had to lay them all out and make my four stacks ready to go. It was all I could do to stop myself from sitting right down at the sewing machine!

Instead I finished up my Tazzie Sewing Machine Mat. Cute.

Yesterday I bought some fabric for finishing up my Carolina Crossroads quilt top. I decided I just couldn't use anymore of the screaming pink fabric in the border (to say nothing of the blue or the print). The quilt is so loud already it's going to keep me awake if I try to sleep under it! I shopped my stash but nothing was either large enough or suitable, so I dragged The Tramp to the store to help me find an alternative. So what did I get? Another screaming pink! I have to audition it further but I think the different print is just restful enough. We'll see. It's all a mystery to me....sigh. (Shoot me. I couldn't resist saying that!)


meggie said...

Yes, yes, I like the new pink!

Your little mat is lovely.
The only thing growing around here is the girth of my *ahem* rear!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

yeah, I've been rather amazed at just how much fabric I have too. here's I've been sewing blocks together and made no dent whatsoever. I think you can get a headstart on the Bargello Bowl - don't think that would be cheating at all.