Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It's been a productive but also hugely frustrating last few days. Basking in the glow of finishing the top of my Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt I plunged into a new project with just a few days to complete it. A gift. That I wanted to give tomorrow. Can you guess...we've reached the frustrating part....sigh.

The new project is a wall hanging. In the fall I bought (used) a Little Gracie II frame with a Janome 1600P. I loaded it up with a couple of yards of floral fabric and I've been practicing. I now know what it's limitations are and can work with those and still do some ok quilting with it. So this morning I loaded the wall hanging...the first real project on the machine. And the Janome went nuts on me. :-( So now it's in the shop, and I'll be presenting a half done wall hanging as a birthday present tomorrow. The good news is that it's for Mom....and she's going to love it...warts and all. :-)

So there it is....sans machine.

I had a fit of whimsy last weekend and painted my ironing table purple. :-) Hah. Look at that. It matches the offending Janome.

I tried to get a better picture of Carolina Crossroads but something about the print fabric I used muddies the photo. It gives a weird effect. Anyway, I lay it out to show off to Mom and Dad and of course Dad immediately spotted a mistake! Well shoot. It's going to stay like that.


Thimbleanna said...

I already said this, but I just love the colors in that quilt! And your purple ironing table is too cute!

meggie said...

I think yours is one of the nicest Carolina Crossroads I have seen.
Tell your Dad it was humility. LOL.

Kathy Wagner said...

What is it about Dad's that they can see those things???! The same thing happened with my Dad! And my mistake was the same as yours!