Thursday, December 6, 2007


Whew...Blogger isn't happy this morning! What a struggle.

The Sandbox has been reorganized. The Poor Tramp was getting squeezed out (I'd spread into three rooms!) and I wasn't pleased with my initial setup of the room anyway. To say nothing of mountains of patterns shoved willy-nilly on shelves. So.....

The Sandbox is long and narrow with lots of windows and doors. But I managed! The TV is now properly hooked up to the cable so I can junk out on movies, HGTV or something worse while I'm sewing. :-)
Eye candy! I need more fabric, don't you think?
It is sooo nice to have all of my quilt and doll patterns sorted into binders!
Now I have a beading corner. But yikes, when will I have time to use it????
The plants are happy with the arrangement too I think.

I've been working on shopping bags as Christmas gifts.*
It's nice to find a use for this wierd blue Ikea computer desk. It cost us nearly nothing since it was "damaged" but this is the first room the blue doesn't look seriously out of place in. I love having the keyboard drawer next to my sewing machine to work on then shove away.
We put up two "design boards" so far, one here, with patterns and the TV channels pinned up and one...

next to the pegboard. I've got one more piece to put up over my ironing station but I need more fleece or flannel to cover it with.
Now the quilt frame is out of The Tramp's study I have to get that moved around too. I took the back off an old Ikea bookcase and recycled it as a plant stand. The African Violets seem to be loving it!
Ngaire, vigilantly watching for cats in the neighbor's yard and any squirrel foolish enough to stroll through "her" yard. :-)
*I'm sorry, I want to give credit but I can't figure out who I got the bag pattern from. The pdf I downloaded doesn't say. I will if I find it again!


JudiA said...

(Awed silence...) Wow! I thought I had a pretty nice space, but your sewing room is just like a beautiful dream. And you have a green thumb too! Those violets make a sensational display. I've killed too many innocent flowers in my day, so I will just admire yours when you care to share. Enjoy!

PaMdora said...

Wow, looks very CLEAN and GREEN!

winithupoo said...

Boy, it looks great! How nice to have everything all clean and organized for all your Christmas sewing!

anita said...

Oh, what a beautiful space to create in! (And, yes, I am positively GREEN with envy . . . )

Beth said...

Wow...I'm jealous! I have a space...along the wall of my bedroom!

Very nice! The Tramp is not unlike Hunnybunny....he'd like me to have my own room, too.

meggie said...

How neat is all that!! wonderful.