Sunday, December 2, 2007


Arrrrrgggghh. Don't mind me, I've been rearranging furniture and throwing out junk and I'm allergic to the dust! My face itches sooooo bad!

I've been staying away from my computer as I've been busy totally rearranging my sewing room. I had Completely Taken Over three rooms and my Poor Tramp was Squeezed into a Dark Corner. On Thursday I covered three foam insulation boards as "design walls". I drafted a floor plan of the room and pushed little pieces of paper furniture around until I got it right. I considered the Feng Shui of the whole thing for a while, then I moved the furniture (oh my aching back!) That was Friday.

Saturday, The Tramp helped me put my peg board back up and we mounted the design walls. I took all my quilting and doll patterns off of the book shelves (where they slither all around), put them in sleeves and sorted them into looseleaf binders. Actually I did a bunch of that at 5:00 this morning since I couldn't sleep. :)

So there's not too much more to do...then I can take some photos. THEN I'll get back to sewing! I've got such a pile of things waiting to be worked on! YIKES.


PaMdora said...

Aha, you're like me, you like to get a running start on organizing so you don't have to do it in January! I've been cleaning out files and closets, yikes1 I need to get started on my studio though.

Thimbleanna said...

Now look....when January rolls around, you're not going to have any organizing left to do. How far away do you live from me??? Maybe since you'll be sitting around with nothing to do, you could come and organize my rat's nest LOL!!!

meggie said...

You have been doing what I should be doing! I am going to have to tidy up!!