Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Formica Fun

Wow. It was a record over 80F here in North Carolina yesterday and it's pretty darned balmy today too. It's a whole new experience for me to be actually able to wear my Peanuts Christmas t-shirts at Christmastime!!! The Tramp says it's almost warm enough for a "real" NZ Christmas. LOL

I've chosen my fabric's for Bonnie's Carolina Crossroads Mystery Quilt. I didn't have time to go very far afield and my stash didn't have any appropriate pieces that were large enough. But I did have time for a flying stop in JoAnn's while Christmas shopping yesterday.

I was immediately taken with the retro-looking print. Vibrations of my childhood. :-)

I had used this blue for another project and loved it.

Now this pink struck me as retro also. I love it as a fabric, but for those of you who are old enough...doesn't it look like mid-20th century Formica?

It's right up there with the old white-with-gold-fleck Formica. For 29 years I lived in houses with those kind of counter-tops. In fact it was very nasty old Formica so most of the fleck had worn off. Yuck. I often wondered how much of the gold fleck got into our food. One day they'll find out older baby boomers have some Dreaded Formica Fleck Disease brewing in their systems. RFLOL

One of the things that attracted me to The Tramp is that he doesn't believe in grotty old kitchens. Just one of those small things that Love Is All About. :-)


meggie said...

Very pretty fabrics!
I hated those old Formica benches too!

Ginger Patches said...

I used that "square lolli-pop" fabric in a quilt I made for a friend this Summer, liked it so much I used for the back too--your blocks are going to be way cute!!!

Helen in the UK said...

Love the fabrics you chose for the mystery. They are very different to other combinations I have seen around blogland, so will be very interested to see how they work up :)

Sew Prim Khris said...

These fabrics are great and it will be a real funky quilt I think. Khris

cher said...

at 1.5 inches...are those squares really going to show up? love the fabric-just wondering about the scale-congrats on re-organizing your sewing studio-it looks fabulous!