Monday, December 17, 2007

Pity day

I feel so lousy today. Headachy and achy. Not a good time to get sick! I also bit wrong and have a tender tooth. The only sensible thing to do is lay low, wallow in self pity, and hope for the best. Hmmmm....pass the hot chocolate!

The Christmas decorating....such that it done. The Holiday Missive is written and the Christmas cards are addressed. Today I'll finish up that job. I'll also finish wrapping all the presents. Getting all that done should definitely improve my mood!

Mom and Dad came over for Sunday dinner yesterday so I had the camera out and took photos of some of the decor. I did not put out the large herd of nutcrackers this year. Maybe I'll have room for them next year when the living room is done.


Anina said...

I love the Charlie Brown figurines. So cute!

meggie said...

Thanks for sharing!