Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ewww, yuck, damn, eureka, gross, itch, sneeze, OMG, itch, sigh....

The vacuum was acting weird this afternoon. It took me a bit but I finally realized it had no suction. Nothing coming through the hose. Hmmmm.....was the problem in the hose or in the cannister? How can you tell if you can't turn the machine on unless the hose is attached? Ok...I pondered on this for a couple of minutes, then I took the hose off and tried blowing through it (the ewwww part). Ah hah! Clogged.

So what could be in there??? Much peering in the ends (yuck) but you can't see straight in so that isn't useful. I see a bit of dog hair so haul the hose into the workshop and find the longest pair of The Tramp's pliers and pull a bit out. Well that was over quick. Not very useful. what?

Ahhhhh! The proverbial wire coat hanger should do the trick. Oh. We don't own a single wire coat hanger! (the damn part) All the extra hangers went to the thrift shop after I unpacked and we haven't been to a dry cleaners yet in NC. So I root busily around in the workshop for something else. Poop. Nothing.

Feeling rather defeated and contemplating repair costs on a relatively new vacuum, in desperation I go stand in my sewing room and gaze around aimlessly, hoping for inspiration. And (eureka) it comes!!! Armature wire! Hee hee! I cut off about a 2 foot length, bend one end into a small hook and get to work. It turns out the hose is Completely Wadded With Dog Hair (GROSS) and I have to spend a half and hour hooking out the wads, reconnecting the hose, sucking it down to the end with the vacuum, and hooking out more.....over and over again. (this is where the itch starts)

I'm happy to say that it's all clear now but I'm (sneeze) somewhat unhappily realizing that the dog is still here, the hair is still going to need vacuuming up, and, (OMG) I've got two of these vacuum cleaners which are probably going to need this treatment every once in a while. (ITCH)


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meggie said...

Sympathy for the itching! I still have mine, & still dont know what is causing it!
Our dogs are poodle x maltese so not supposed to cause itches. They never have before so I cant work out what it is. Dr is baffled too.

It is almost Xmas. Our son has arrived for the festivities, & all is well in our world for now. I just wish my other son in NZ was here to hug. He has had a big operation on his ankle to fuse it, so he has not had a good year.

I wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas, Katie, & hope your New Year is wonderful.