Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's on My Bed?

I've enjoyed so much seeing what's on people's beds! What's on my bed is a very bright red and pink Ikea duvet cover. What should be on my bed, but isn't unpacked yet, is this quilt my mom made. It looked great on this bed but we left the bed behind when we moved (2 houses ago) because our new bedroom couldn't handle the posts. I miss that bed....sigh. I've painted our latest bedroom in a pink that I hope compliments the quilt.

The design is "Martha's Vinyard". It's just gorgeous. Mom also stitched the "Sweet Dreams"...also still packed in a box. :( This weekend we are going to try and finish unpacking boxes and sorting out the "living room" and The Tramp's workshop. The "living room" is still unpainted and lacking windows but it will be a great relief to at least make it look less like storage barn! And.... to find my quilts!


meggie said...

That quilt is gorgeous!

Beth said...

Daaaannngggg! Mama sure can quilt! What a beautiful gift!