Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I think this is the first time in my life I haven't had a "Thanksgiving dinner" on Thanksgiving Day. Even counting the time I had a lousy turkey dinner in Denny's in Ottawa a few years back (in my personal experience, Denny's is always lousy!). I was visiting The Tramp over the US Thanksgiving holiday and I just couldn't resist having a turkey dinner! Lots of times when my kids were little I roasted chicken because they wouldn't eat turkey but it was still Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Today Mom and Dad came over and we had brunch. Lots of bacon and eggs and coffee cake and croissants. Yum! The weather was warm and breezy so we went for a walk too. It was really nice.

The Sailor Son, DIL and Baby J will be here on Saturday. *happy dance* So we'll have our turkey then. This is the latest photo they sent. Couldn't you just eat him up!!!

Yesterday was pretty exciting. We ordered new appliances from Sears last week and they arrived yesterday morning. Just in time! I had laundry climbing the walls and new fabric waiting to be washed. Washer, dryer, stove and microwave/vent fan. I desperately needed a new washer and we found the one I wanted for half price. Wow! It's last year's model but no big deal. The wonderful set I left back in New Jersey were the same and I loved them. We never would have left them behind except the dryer was gas. :( I'd planned on keeping them forever...sigh. The new dryer is this year's model so they don't quite match, but who cares??? If they wash and dry I'm happy. :) The top is back-ordered so I'm making do with a pink towel for now.
This is a 70s house and these are new millenium appliances, so of course they don't fit in the utility closet. We had to take off the closet doors and I got a white shower curtain from Target that'll do for the time being. Eventually we're going to make the dark room into a laundry.
So we got the washer for half price, the rest on clearance or 30% off, free delivery and since the top of the microwave turned out to have a dent a $100 was refunded to us. I'm not complaining!!!!
The microwave will go up over the stove in place of the broken hood. We have to figure out how to carve up the cabinet to fit it in. The dent turns out to be just up in the right top corner of the microwave. I'm sure we can bang it out and it'll never show.

The dryer makes the cutest little beeps when you press buttons. It almost plays tunes! I wonder how many years before all this stuff is connected to our computer network and I can load ring tones in my appliances. RFLOL When we first got our Uniden cordless phones The Tramp programmed each handset to a different ring tone/tune. It was like living in a carnival each time the phones "rang". After about a month I couldn't stand it anymore and reprogrammed them all. Then of course we bought a new doorbell for him to play with that has 64 tunes in it! Do you sense a tendency here???

We spent Thanksgiving afternoon cleaning the gutters. It really needed to be done before we put up Christmas lights. So The Tramp tested out our new ladder.

Then I went up and crawled along the roof scooping the gunk and throwing it down into the garden cart. Ewwww. And oh how my butt hurts after hitching along all over the shingles! Our little house has miles of gutters!!!
And of course The Tramp couldn't resist a shot of my tush on the way down. At least I didn't fall off the ladder giggling. LOL Boy was I dirty!

On the sewing front, Tami passed along some advice for de-mildewing my Featherweight. Thanks Tami! For the last few days I've had it sitting in the sun inside the workshop door and the case sitting outside in the sun. I should have done this during the summer! :)


Tami said...

Cool, I'm glad that the de-mildewing process is working. :-)

The new appliances look great! There's nothing wrong with "last" year's model. All of the them have pretty similar energy ratings now. When our washer died this past year I went on the hunt to get one that matched the dryer. Since it was older they didn't make them anymore. Luckily I found a floor model. Yippee! These things are expensive so like you, it's great to get them for a bit of a discount.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Tramp!

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute little grandbaby! You crawled around on the roof??? On Saturday you need to be very thankful that you didn't fall off LOL!!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sounds like you've been really busy! Glad to hear everyone is well...I would imagine with the events of the last few months you are counting your blessings.
Have a good weekend!

p.s. I never rated Denny's as being any good either! :o)

meggie said...

I see Ngaire is keeping guard on the little machine!
What a busy post! Some good work there with your gutters etc.

Nan - said...

I absolutely loved seeing all your new things! The washer and dryer are beautiful! I think I'd have them out on display.

Beth said...


You can clean it with shaving cream. I'm not kidding. Let me know if you ever want to sell. Hunnybunny may kill me, though.

BTW, sweet pictures from thanksgiving. What a cutie pie!