Monday, November 19, 2007


Today we took a bit of a drive to enjoy the fall colors. This week is most likely the peak and I wanted to snap a few photos before it's all over. It's hard to snap photos while moving in the car but I got a few. It would have been nice to stop but on most of these roads there is no where to go but in the ditch! I should have planned a walk on one of the greenways.

And this sight never fails to amuse me. (There were more signs than I could fit in the photo.) Do you think they want to sell a house??? :)
Then in our own yard I found this.
Mistletoe! In this tree. You can just see the dark spot.
I didn't even know what it was at first, my neighbor had to tell me. I know it's a pest in some places, but I am delighted. I've never seen anything but the wilted bits you can buy in the store at Christmas. Judging from my Jersey girl experience I've never even been sure that mistletoe is real. Now I know! LOL


Quilting Journey said...

Just stopped by for my first visit to play in your sandbox! Loved the lot full of signs. Sometimes people just want to be seen and heard ;) Had fun, here, I'll be back to play again :)

meggie said...

I have been checking your site, ...nothing. And then, today, I suddenly find all these great posts! Blogger does some odd things at times.
Love your photos Katie.
I am suffering from some mysterious skin itches, & I am starting to look like I have chicken pox! Off to have it checked out again. Good luck with your allergies. Have you tried wiping everything over with vinegar. It is really good to prevent & banish mold!