Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I finished another UFO yesterday. This is a quilted bag made from a Butterick pattern. I just LOVE the fabrics. The lining fabric is my favorite but of course you can't see it. :)

I decided to count...or try counting my UFOs/WIPs. Yikes! Why am I fooling around here??? I should be BUSY at my sewing machine!!! I kind of lost track at 47. There are at least 50 all together. *shudder* Who suggested counting them? And I just counted things I have fabric for, not all the patterns waiting to be used! Or any beading project.

On a lighter note.... (can you tell I'm traumatized??? LOL) I just snapped this photo of Tiny Dog curled up on her pink puff under my cutting table. This evening I reunited her with the toy we call the Pink Thing. For some unknown reason it was packed with sewing stuff and I found it during the UFO listing. Well....that's not quite true...I know why it was in with sewing stuff, it must have been packed in the last week or so before the move, when whatever came to hand was being thrown into the closest box!

She's laying on the Pink Thing, guarding it from Ngaire and will defend it fiercely, turning into a snarling wildcat if Ngaire moves too close! Mind you, this is 4lbs vs 60lbs but Ngaire knows when to keep her nose out of the way! So Belle is hard asleep, so much so that the flash didn't wake her up, and obviously confident she won't be disturbed.


meggie said...

How cute is Belle on her lovely Pink Thing!

Love that bag, not my colour, but a very nice pattern!

Amanda said...

I love the bag.

I have a lot of WIPs, too. I probably have more than you do. Maybe we should have a contest to see how many WIPs each other has. The one with the most loses! Oops! That would be me!

Don't feel bad about having too many WIPs. It just means you are creative. That's what I keep telling myself. lol