Thursday, May 31, 2007

Virtual crafting

Not only was it very hard to pack my fabric out of sight in boxes, it became pretty evident that it was best to pack every other little crafty thing as well. My original thought was to "save something" to do in a quiet moment during the move. HA. Dream on baby! So all my crafting etc. is now virtual. I get my kicks from reading about what everyone else is doing. :-D Thank you very much!

The Tramp is teaching at another site this week so I'm madly packing all by my lonesome. It's starting to look pretty bare around here. I tackled "my half" of the large shed yesterday. Thank goodness we sorted, re-boxed and shelved everything a few months ago, otherwise it would have taken me days and days! As it is I had a brain burp and had to go back and relabel about a dozen boxes...sigh.

Today I'm trying to finish up packing inside the house. Tomorrow I have to clean this place as best I can for our open house party on Saturday. I wouldn't want folks last memory of us to be associated with chaos and filth! The weather isn't looking wonderful Saturday or Sunday so I think we'll just keep the party on Saturday and clear as much people space in this little house as we can. Now if I can just get all the dog hair from under and behind all the boxes..... What hair???

Don't look at me....I've got so much less hair than her!

(Ha! Don't you believe it!)

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