Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Playing with the new camera

One of the nice things about being "retired" is the ability to just go and sit outside for a while and soak up the "outsideness" of the day. :-) I have discovered, however, just what the complaints are about when it comes to landscapers. Roaring mowers and blowers can go on for hours! For several days in a row too! And they park their monster trucks and trailers in front of my house...blocking my driveway. Sheesh...go park in front of the house you are working at. Block their driveway.

On the weekend when we were enjoying a little "outside time" between packing boxes I brought out the new camera and snapped a few quick photos. Nothing fancy, just snapping away with it on automatic. I'm still afraid to push any of the million buttons on the thing. :-P

Distance shot: I really enjoy sitting and looking at the trees. There are some nice colorful ones in the cul-de-sac.

Contrast shot: Looking up I can see how nice the Magnolia tree looks against the house and blue sky.

Shady shot: And directly overhead is the huge Pin Oak...dropping junk on us as usual. At least it is pollen and flower season, not acorn season! Acorns HURT.

Self portrait: Hmmmm. Note to self...tiny dog makes thunder thighs look bigger.

Action shot: Here she comes, laughing all the way. That slobbery tongue ready for action!

Closeup shot: The Tramp pretending there isn't a camera nearby. Gotta love him, he's so predictable.

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