Friday, May 4, 2007

Forrest of The Sandbox

This is Forrest. Not too awfully bad for a first try. It's hard to see in the photos how blotchy she is and how much color got wiped on her hands by mistake. But it was fun! Next time I'll consider painting the pieces before I sew them together..... maybe.... dunno....

At first her face just looked dirty. LOL But more color saved it.

Yikes. Not a good photo, with moving boxes and empty shelves in the background. We packed about 14 boxes of books last weekend and started on the breakables in the dining room. One more week of work and then I'm "retired". *happy dance* Then I can really get down to the packing.

Mom and Dad flew down to North Carolina this week and bought a house! Just like that! Chances are they will get there before we do and we only have 5 more weeks to go! That's my Dad. Moving is his new project and nothing is going to get in his way now. Mom is no slouch either. The latest phone call, a few minutes ago, was to ask if we want their big TV because they are going to get a flat screen for their new la-de-dah niche over the fireplace. The Tramp and I are considering taking bets on what will be the next item they call about. :-)

So Forrest is now waiting for her couture. Hmmmmm. At this point I'm not buying new stuff. I want to but I'm being strong! Arrrgghhh! So I settled for cheesecloth from the supermarket and we'll see what we can do with it.

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