Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well this is it.

Yesterday was the last day at the office. How do I feel? Well.... Geez.... Frankly.... I have no idea!!! Today is just a regular Saturday with regular things to do. As usual I'm up early and The Tramp is still sleeping. The dogs are fed and waiting for the next exciting happening in the day. Belle is curled up next to me snoozing and Ngaire is pacing around waiting for her master to wake up. Too early to put her outside in case she starts barking. Just a usual Saturday.

I'm sitting here surrounded by packing boxes and Stuff. Lots of Stuff. How it manages to grow just when you start packing it is a mystery...sigh.

Last weekend we took one last trip to New York City and went to B&H to buy a new camera. What an Amazing place!! Shockingly we came home with TWO!

"Mine" ;-) is complicated so I have to read the manual first. Now I actually have Time for Learning New Things! Very cool. So in between packing boxes, the experiment with photography should be able to commence this week. :-)

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Bitterbetty said...

Oh congratulations!

I did not retire per say but took a mommy break to get my son off to Middle school with optimum Mom support. It is amazing how the time still flies but now it is filled with many more tasty nuggets of crafty goodness.