Thursday, May 24, 2007


What a struggle to find Music To Pack By this morning. It's not that the music is packed (it is) it's all in iTunes, but it took a bunch of false starts to discover my mood. Usually somewhat unpleasant work (housework anyone?) is better accompanied by something noisy. So we started with Tarkus. Nope. Set to shuffle but kept having to come back and skip. Grunt.

It turns out that this morning, Tchaikovsky, Barber and Elgar have the music to pack up fabric to. Sigh....I'm just hating hiding all my beautiful fabrics in dark boxes. But, to be honest...since it's the most hands-on I've been with my fabric in a while I guess it's just as well. Opening the boxes at the other end will be a treat. :)

Ooops! Shower time, followed by mammogram time and blood work time, then back to the boxes. Groooooaaaan.

Good thing the sun is shining!

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Tami said...

Good luck with the packing! I'm sure you'll be excited when you get to open them at the other side. :-)