Monday, October 15, 2012


Today was a good day for ducks.  Ivy and I didn't let that deter us this morning though, the fresh air is too good for us.  And it really didn't rain on us much as our route was mostly under trees.  I had to check the pond to see if it really was raining.

Every time I stepped back to take her picture, Ivy, in her eagerness to please, kept hopping up to sit right at my feet.  She finally cooperated before we took too many steps backwards towards home!

We took the greenway trail which is mostly very quiet.  We just happened to be there at the same time as two barking and growling Boxers pulling at their owner, and a large German Shepherd wearing an impressive muzzle.  I'm sure glad the owner stepped way off the greenway so we could pass!  Just one of the reasons I don't walk Ngaire by myself.  She's too strong and too high-strung.

Later on in the day we had some real storms.  I caught this moment of black sky and sun around 3pm.  Very ominous.  (Heh.  Note the black Saturn Sky under the black sky. :-))

I finished and delivered two quilt tops to Julianne.  :-)

I was soooo sleepy this afternoon and fell asleep in my wing chair in the living room for almost two hours!  Must be the weather.  Lucky I didn't wake up with a terrible crick in my neck.  But I got my act together this evening and finished the quilt top for The Viking.

The colors are soft and don't photograph well.

ED and LZF love their dogs so I'm betting they'll enjoy it.  This is the pattern.

The Sailor Son ran his first 5K on Saturday.  Love those sunglasses!  I hope he saves his shirts for a t-shirt quilt.  :-)


Lynn said...

The Dog Quilt is so pretty, I love those colors.
Yesterday at 2:30 I thought I should try to fit in a walk and it looked like the sun was trying to peek through. So Molly and I were about a mile from our car when the rain hit. There was no shelter, we just had to slog on. I think your idea of a nap was much smarter.

Raewyn said...

Wow - great sky photo! Some dogs have so much energy and strength that one at a time is plenty! Your Dog quilt is lovely - neat fabric! And your t-shirt quilts are brilliant - you've really got those working well for you.