Monday, October 8, 2012

New things

New pictures keep coming in from the hospital in New Jersey.  Isn't our Viking the cutest new thing?  :-)

Mama certainly thinks so.

And Daddy is already wrapped around that tiny little finger.

We had another video chat yesterday evening and ED reminded me that she'd asked me to make some Pee-pee Teepees.  Oh for heaven's sake.  What will they think of next?   But I found various tutorials online for pee-pee teepees, wee-wee wigwams, wee-wee tents and the cutest - wizz-ard hats, and cranked out a few this morning so I could go to the post office (in the pouring rain) to send off a box of baby goodies.  Oh yeah.  The post office is closed today.  Oops.  

First though, I went to have lunch with Mom and Dad and their friends and showed them my little fabric cones.  At the lunch table Dad gave us all a good chuckle with a story from his time in the Royal Canadian Airforce during WW II.  Apparently another young man had brought in his wife and new baby boy to show off and during a diaper change the infant let loose.  The dad snatched off his uniform hat and used it to catch the flow!  (one of those narrow hats that come to a point in the front and back)  Too funny!  

In The Sandbox.....after changing to dry clothes and turning the heat on (brrrrr today!).....I finished cutting out The Viking's first quilt.

Also new today is a Little Green Machine.  We have a large carpet cleaning machine but it's such a pain to drag out for little spots.  I did a round of the upstairs and now there are towel covered clean spots all over the place.  :-)  Yay!  It works!

And as an extra bonus, it fits on the awkward shelf in the closet under the attic stairs like the space was made for it.  One of those small happenstances that can make your day.  Ya know?


Jenny said...

How wonderful, another little baby in the family!!!

Lynn said...

What a beautiful baby!! Lovely pictures of Mom and Dad also.
Funny story about your Dad.
Love the teepees!

Bonnie said...

Babies and teepees... and I thought they were only for sleeping in. Or some such thing.

Katherine D. Stein said...

How wonderful!! Cograt's Kate!! the Vicking is wonderful!!! Hugs!!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Congrats on another cute grandbaby. I had never heard of a pee-pee tepee, but I can see where they would come in handy!