Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mushy brains

It's been pretty stressful around here lately (hence the mushy brain) and one of the sensible ways to deal with it is getting out and getting some fresh air and exercise.  The dogs aren't complaining!

The weather has been cool and comfortable and I can't resist stopping to capture the moods of the pond.



And sometimes misty.

I'm also enjoying all the communications about grandchildren.  The Viking, one week old.  To my mind he's looking very much like his dad.  :-)

A picture of Grand #3 in the new sweatshirt his talented mum made for him!

We've also been heavy on comfort food lately.   We were very tired today from working at the other house, so tonight's dinner was something quick and easy, and I had to laugh when I saw how very much it reflected our different tastes.  The Tramp had his steak with Bombay Potatoes and Madras Lentils.  Not only does he like them but they are only 90 seconds from microwave to plate.  I can't complain about that.  But I caught myself shuddering as he poured them onto his plate and without thinking said, "Ewwww!"  lol

But then again, I had spinach (yum!) on my plate which The Tramp won't touch with a ten-foot pole.   As far as he's concerned, the cow ate the green stuff for him.   So I guess we're pretty even in the yuck department.  :-)

The cooler weather also means I'm out of flip flops and back to fighting cold feet.  The boots have been dug out of the back of the closet!

Despite the brain mush, one and a half t-shirt quilts are done, just the borders to do on the second one tomorrow morning.  I also got all the blocks done and sewn into rows on The Viking's first quilt.  A satisfying end to the weekend.  Onward to Monday!


Lynn said...

Brain mush? Today is the perfect day for that dreary out.
I've slowly been trying to vegetarian up my family (as in the past 5 years). It's pretty sucessful, except when my 16 asks why we don't have steak any more. I'll send him over and he can eat with the Tramp and you can have dinner with my us,

Stephanie D said...

Yeah, that looks like my hubby's plate, too!

The grands are adorable!