Saturday, October 15, 2011

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Don't you feel that way sometimes?  I sure do.  The issue is usually change.....which of course is often for the better....but can come with difficulties too.  (Need I say it?  Send The Tramp a sympathy card.)

This week Apple released iOS5 with the usual fanfare.  The Tramp promptly updated his iPhone, figured out what would annoy his loving wife about the update, braced himself, then had me update my phone.  

Ok.  I'll admit.  It works, and works well, but you certainly have to jump through a few hoops to re-set everything up how you like it.  (Old dog?  Sigh.)  Worse, after about 12 hours my phone suddenly went dead.  Nothing I did would wake it up.  Oh damn, I thought.  Not. Again.  This is a brand new phone replacing the previous one that imploded.  But all is good.  The Tramp took it away for about five minutes, and returned it to me in working order.  Yay!  My Magic Man.  :-)

So order to take advantage of all the new features iOS5 offers (such as iCloud), The Tramp took a deep breath, girded his loins, and boldly went where no man has gone before.   He updated my MacBook Pro operating system to Lion, Mac OS10.7.  :-)

Well. There are a few cool changes here and there, but for the most part it seems Apple has completely forgotten a large part of their market.  Yep.  Those of us who might possibly have a little gray hair.  The ones who've started wearing reading glasses (dammit).  The ones who's patience with technology might be just a teeny bit shorter than it was just a few years ago.  (Feel free to disagree, but I'm enjoying my rant. :-))  What immediately strikes me is why would they make all the little buttons you have to click on to navigate around even smaller??  Why take away scroll bars??  When scroll bars are enabled it's a thin line with no blue thingy to grab.  It's all gray and hard to see.  (Gray and more gray everywhere.  Yeesh.) And worse, if the scrollie whatchamacallit is at the bottom of the scroll bar you can't grab it and move it up, and it sometimes changes direction without warning.  Huh??   It's all very buggy.

The Tramp has worked hard all day to overcome my frustrations, some of which he has had himself.  To be fair to me (what a sweetie), he says my complaints are voiced by many. (He reads techie news. All. The. Time.  Bless him.) He's found information on how to set things up as I/we like it.  Found some hacks to overcome some of the most annoying new features.  We are still figuring out things like why everything is double-entered in iCal.  (iCal in particular is really frustrating, in lots of ways.)  We've disabled the crazy animations that make me dizzy, but some remain.  Sigh.  The shoe?  That's me afraid of what's going to be frustratingly different when I open the next application.  There are fixes for many things, we just have to find them......and learn to accept the New Way Of Doing Things.  :-) 

Thank you for listening.

Yes I sewed today.  Kept me away from the laptop!  LOL  I made a Jelly Roll 1,600 quilt with the Sherbet Pips Jelly Roll Mom bought for me (so I could make it for Stardust).  I ordered the fabrics for the borders, binding and backing. 

I'm working on a set of placemats for my kitchen after reading Tazzie's tutorial.  Simple, quick and effective.  Thank you Tazzie!   The red is for the binding.  It's the fabric with the running dye.  (last post)

I even used her quilting suggestion.  Nice!

I also covered Ngaire's bed with a nice soft fleece.  None of them liked the new bed because of the kind of slippery fabric on it. It didn't take Maisy long to test it out. 

She's currently over under The Tramp's desk talking up a storm.  Her strong sense of entitlement means it's past our bedtime and where is her nighttime treat??  :-)

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