Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To eat chips....or not to eat chips. That is the question.

The weather has been spectacularly beautiful here.   And cool!  Almost cold.  Yay!!!  It's Fall!  There haven't been any photos of the pond recently as it has been either an ugly brown or full of duckweed.  The duckweed has been treated and with the weather so cool and clear I couldn't resist a few photos.  I love the one lone cloud reflected in the pond. (click on the photo to see)

These four geese seem to have moved in.

I'm told there used to be willow trees all around the pond.  Now there is just one.  A couple of trees died during this hot summer and there are some gaps.  Maybe we can replace them with willows.  Would be nice, but it's not my decision so in the meantime I can enjoy this one.

Another sign of fall are the various fruiting bodies on the trees and shrubs.  The robins have been after these berries on the dogwood tree.

And the hated persimmon trees are loaded.  Sigh.  It's just a matter of time before I get one stuck all in the treads of my sneakers.  Icky.

I'm working on the applique row on the Whistle Stop Quilt Shop BOM.

Pretty, pretty!

But now I have to do all the bottonhole stitching.  Time consuming!

But it's coming out ok so I shouldn't complain.  :-)

Stardust has turned five months old!

Today I finished another t-shirt quilt.  It's huge!  101"x108" So I only took a picture of a quarter of it.  :-)  Wow.  I see so many scraps and threads on the floor.  I guess the first thing I should do tomorrow is vacuum.  We won't even mention the dog hair.  :-p

Hmmmmm.  Do you think I might be eating something interesting???

Yep.  She's really focused on the sweet potato chip in my hand.   However, the good news is Ivy is starting to lose weight.  She had gotten pretty tubby without us realizing it. 

Now if only tubby me would stop eating the chips.  I haven't got all that hair to hide behind.  :-)

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Heera said...

Cute grandbaby. I love the applique flowers.
Go ahead, have some chips. It is ok to have some from time to time. :-)