Saturday, September 24, 2011

Totally Tickled

What am I tickled about?  Several things actually.  It's been a pretty good week.

On Thursday I stash dashed with Mom and Kathie.  We didn't make it to all the stores but we had a good time together.  I'm tickled to now have more sizes of yo-yo maker, from Elegant Stitches and Carolina Sew n Vac (I think).

I'm tickled to have more Kaffe Fassett fabrics, from Wish Upon A Quilt and Thimble Pleasures.

And I'm tickled to have a fresh supply of machine needles, from Carolina Sew n Vac.  Also Mom bought me the cute little duffle bag pattern at Thimble I could make her one.   LOL

Mom was anxious to buy a Jelly Roll and try the Jelly Roll 1,600 quilt.  So she bought a Jelly Roll at Wish Upon A Quilt and I'm tickled to say she bought one for me too!  :-)

I'm very tickled to have finished my flying geese rows for the Whistle Stop BOM.  Now I have to do the applique blocks to go in between.

I'm tickled about the nice new switches and outlets The Tramp installed today in the newly painted master bedroom.  It's the small things....ya know?

I'm tickled to have The Tramp's Queen poster and the rainbow quilt Mom made for us back up on the wall.  Much more to do, but not having any greeny-yellowish walls around us has been so uplifting.  I may even be sleeping better!

The floor still needs to be done but we're both tickled to have our closet operational again.

Excuse the still-needs-to-be-sorted mess on the counter, but it's fabulous to finally have medicine cabinets.  Woot!  (It's hard to take a photo of mirrors. :-))

We are hugely tickled that Maisy (we call her Maisy Of The Iron Stomach) has stopped being sick all over the house.  She was so violently ill I got quite frightened for her.  She was madly running around licking the kitchen floor and I had to move any house plants so she couldn't eat them!  We also couldn't let her out without her frantically eating every twig and oak leaf she could find on the ground in the dog pen.  We have no idea what started it.  At first I thought it might have been the spray of dried chili peppers for Charlie, which I thought I had left on the kitchen counter, but I found them unscathed.  It's just like kids.  Sigh.  They're always throwing something new at you.  (Oops.  No pun intended.)

And lastly....actually what started the whole "tickled" this lamp I found on Craigslist today.

Very cool, very retro/mid-century/Danish modern.

It's wood above, ceramic in the middle and a wood base with a couple of inlays of different wood.  Practically mint condition, but enough wear to make me think it really might be from the '60s. 

After searching on the net until nearly blind, I found exactly one image of a similar lamp.  Not in any way conclusive of the lamp's origins, but it's fun to speculate.  :-) 


Jenny said...

Lots of lovely treasures, lots of lovely shopping. And that's a beautiful quilt you have from your Mum hanging on the wall. Pleased you have had such a nice week.

Quilt Hollow said...

I've got to check out your quilt shops...everytime I get to Raleigh I'm in a hurry to do all else.

Lynn said...

Stash Dash! I didn't get to a single place this year, just as well, as I'm trying to control my fabric buying. But I do love the Kaffe Fasset fabric.
Neat lamps!

Bonnie said...

definitely busy things going on at your house. Have you seen the clover devices that make other shapes/flowers kind of like the yoyo ones? I saw them at a show and planned to buy later and vender ran out. Haven't seen them since...

like the duffle bag pattern too... I'll be looking forward to seeing your end results!