Friday, September 9, 2011

Fabric, skin, feathers, and fur

Hello out there.  Ummmmmm.....  What to say???

The kits for Holiday Blocks are put together.  I sure hope I win them.  The colors make me happy!

I finished another churn dash top for Patchwork Memories.  Borders are in the works, and I have t-shirts waiting to be stabilized for another custom t-shirt quilt.

We were blessed with a visit from Middle Daughter, Poyla, and Stardust!  What can I say?  Grandmother heaven.  :-)  The skull quilt was a hit with the parents.  Stardust reserved judgment for the time being.   The ceiling fan was much more interesting.

We had great-grandparent love.

Grandmother love.

And even a little Tramp time.  No success convincing her he's scary.  LOL

The obligatory photo of the four generations.   Though someone was much more interested in the ceiling fan than the camera-dad. 

We exuded cuteness.

We found our toes for the first time.

We laughed.

We cried.

We went to the park.

And just had the most wonderful weekend.  Stardust also got to meet her New Zealand cousin (Grand #3) via webcam.....who apparently, has just discovered his belly button.  Too cute!

Charlie had a good week too.  I added another treat cup to his play stand.

And bought him some peanuts in the shell.  It took him a day or so to figure out that they needed to be torn apart to get at the good part.

And of course the dogs are always waiting for something to be dropped.

He always rushes over to see if he can get hold of the camera.  And this time he managed to snatch the strap.  :-)

The dogs have had some exciting newness too.  Yep.  At the local dog park! 

I stopped there for a preview and promptly got all our proofs of rabies etc together and went to buy the dog park permit. 

Our first visit was yesterday evening.  It got dark enough for the overhead lights to come on, so the pictures from my phone are dark and blurry.  (Yes, our dogs really are in the photos.)  There was somewhere between twenty and thirty dogs having the best time in the one acre park.  It's a nice place and we met a bunch of really nice people.  I'll try for some daytime photos next time.  :-)


Lorraine said...

you have been busy......and nice to spend some time with little Stardust...what a cutie!

Heera said...

Your grandkids are so cute. I am so happy to see that you get to spend time with them.
Great quilts, quilt tops and the scraps :-).

Lynn said...

Soooo cute! The skull quilt is adorable, which sounds strange, but it is!