Monday, September 19, 2011

Every day I think I should post......

....and then I go to bed instead.  :-)

We continue to visit the dog park.

Where we do the usual dog stuff.

Until we get tired....and stretch out in the cool dirt.  (sigh)

And we meet all sorts of dogs, including this sweet great dane.

There are decorated fire hydrants all around.  Very cute.

Especially this one outside the skate park!  :-)

The Tramp bought me a composter.  Yippee!  I've always wanted one that didn't require lots of digging.

It was a bit of a fight to assemble.  The Tramp said he didn't know how anyone could do it without some significant tools.  I don't think that's a problem for you?

Of course it's always advisable not to drill into your finger.  Way too much drama.

Kathie and I finished our Holiday Block kits in time to sell at the guild meeting.  We sold out!  :-)

It was a big crowd this month.  It's a fabulous meeting room.  Plenty of space for over 200 people and tables for charities, library, workshops and etc all around the perimeter.  And a nice stage for speakers and show & tell.

I finished ten of these mug buckets to donate to the guild's Heritage Day Auction & Boutique.  The pile of cut t-shirts has been stabilized and returned to Julianne.  The fleece is waiting to be made into a dog bed cover.

We spotted this on our last trip to WalMart and I couldn't resist taking a photo.  New Zealand Springs Scent.  Huh?  Interesting marketing decision we thought.

The Tramp and I had a chat Friday evening which resulted in the decision to finally paint our bedroom.  The dull yellowish-greenish color (darker than it appears in this photo) sucks all the light out of the room.   The whole house actually, since it, or a version of it is everywhere we haven't painted yet.  The house is shaded and somewhat dark as it is.  Nice in a hot climate.  But this is more than I can live with.  We also took down the wooden slat blinds which I hated.  Yay!

We removed the vanity light fixture since it kept blowing expensive CFL bulbs.  Removed the mirrors to make way for medicine cabinets. 

First up was painting the ceiling white.  Much better than 25 yr old dirty popcorn.   Whoohooo.  What a difference.

I think I mentioned a while back that popcorn ceilings are evil.  (Last year at this time in fact, as I painted in preparation for moving in.)  Grrrrrrrrrrrr.   What a mess when it starts coming down as you paint it.  Not too bad elsewhere, but always around the vents.  Sigh.  I even tried to stick some larger bits back up with my Tacky Glue.  Yeah.....I know. 

There was so much ugly black dirt by the vents too.  Ewwwww.

The room brightened up as soon as the ceiling was done.  Then the pale chiffon pink on the walls added even more brightness.  :-D

I have a sallow complexion, so looking at myself in the vanity mirrors surrounded by all that yellowish-greenish ick was sooooo depressing.  Note the Formica matches the walls.  SIGH.

But with a white ceiling, pink walls and a fabulous new light fixture it will all be a rosy glow from now on.  Yay!  This is a low budget project so I'm going to have to live with the counter as is for now, though did you know there is Formica paint?  Hmmmmmm.

The tramp also replaced the closet light since the old one worked intermittently.   Not good in a room with no daylight that is painted in a light-sucking color.  So now it's all painted and bright too.  :-) 

So still a bunch of finishing work to do.  The Tramp is replacing all the beige outlets and switches with white ones, and the medicine cabinets are still in their boxes.  The floor in the vanity area and closet is still subfloor, but we bought some cheap vinyl tile and will work on that next....when our joints and muscles have a rest and we don't stiffen up every time we sit down!  :-)

I finished the two churn dash memory quilts today.  I hope the client likes them.

This is what a pile of 49 t-shirts looks like.  Yoiks!  I got most of them cut today.....before my legs and feet gave out that is.   I'll get them finished and stabilized tomorrow.   No rest for the weary!  ;-)


Liam said...

No new tools were bought in support of this project.

I believe that breaks a natural law or two!

Lynn said...

Busy you, it sounds like you'll be happier with the new color, amazing what a difference some paint makes. We've had nightmares with popcorn ceilings, why do they use that. I have the name of a gentleman who does them for us, never again will we try after a big disaster. One day I'm going to join the guild and come to a meeting, one day, sigh.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wow you've been busy.

We've just been repainting our dining room and I can't believe what a difference a change of colour can make...the only problem is that it reveals how much all of the rest of the house needs a's work is never done.

P.S. love the churn dash quilts...very pretty!

Bonnie said...

Wow -- super blog today. I too like fresh paint. We've been doing a little trim painting cause I didn't like the look of stained wood trim. It makes the room look brighter with white.

Love your mug things. Now, where did I put the pattern for that. I want to make some too.

I'm off to sew instead of reading more blogs, even though I am really behind. I'd like to get a bit done in the next hour!

Heera said...

Cool projects Katie. I would love to see the wall colors when they are all done. You will post the before and after pictures, won't you? I love the new quilt top. The mug thingy is very cute.