Wednesday, September 3, 2008


If you draw a line on the weather maps for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hanna, it's going to cross directly over Raleigh on the way to New England. I'm just wondering where the hurricane-changes-back-to-tropical-storm line will be! I think we'll be bringing in lots of lawn furniture, bird feeders and stuff, just in case.

Oddly, with no wind in sight, last night around 10:30 I heard a crack and a crash while I was laying in bed reading. We turned on the outdoor lights but couldn't see anything. This morning I discovered limbs from the pecan tree next door had fallen just on the other side of our fence. Neighbor man hauled one big one out of his garden with the truck...

...but there's another one up there hanging by a bit of bark. We need to get it down before the winds come this weekend!
And the pecans! Oh my! I've been hit by a few already. One even made a painful welt on the back of my neck, and if this debris is any indication we're in for a big mess crop this fall!

We've been a bit tree challenged this year so I hope the winds don't get too strong!

That little maple was damaged when we had our pecan tree taken down. I always feel bad about cutting down a tree but it was just too big and too close to the house. We have plans for planting four shade trees in the front yard and we have lots of others so I shouldn't feel tree deprived. :-)

While the dogs were getting good and dirty (sigh) I took a short spin around the garden with the camera. Things are still blooming madly, though it's beginning to look more like an autumn garden. It got a late start but the black-eyed susan vine is taking off.


The sedum (sp?) is in bloom and the four o'clocks are taking over!

This crazy cosmos just gets bigger...and bigger...and bigger and hasn't bloomed yet. It's taller than I am now! The one on the left is finally blooming but I'm wondering if this one ever will. Weird.
And if this mass is any indication we're going to have a nice display of mums!

Off to get the sewing machine fixed now. Fingers crossed!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I always say that wind brings a change in weather... Keep safe and I hope Hanna doesn't cause too much havoc.

YankeeQuilter said...

I hope the winds don't do too much damage. I love Pecan trees! We have Walnut trees in our yard here. I swear the squirrels use half of them to throw at the dog! (Are those plates you used for the borders? cute!)

Lynn said...

Hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm going to get some extra batteries and maybe a bag of ice just in case. Were you living here during Hurricane Fran?

Tine said...

Hopefully the winds won't be so bad when they reach you! Keeping my fingers crossed for your sewing machine!!!