Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Lots has been going on here in the sandbox. I've been sewing but haven't taken any pictures this week. I've been slogging away at my Old Tobacco Road quilt (I think I'm on step 4) and finished up a few things that were due at the guild meeting on Thursday.

Last Sunday we decided it was high time to update one of our bathrooms. We did some measuring and went off to Home Depot and Lowes to see what we could find. At Lowes we found a vanity and medicine cabinet on clearance! And it was the one I liked the best anyway. :-) So once we got them, and the sink/counter top and light fixture home, it meant it was time to tear out the old!

Under the big mirror we found the vestiges of an old pink paint treatment. It must have been a huge job to do the whole room like that.

Even older wall paper, yucky linoleum...

and extra pipes.

I've also been dealing with insurance people over the fallen tree limb. Apparently it was an "act of God" so they won't pay for the damage. Thank goodness no one was hurt! Sheesh. Lucky for them they didn't have to talk to The Tramp. :-) Now the leaves have browned we can see other broken branches just hanging up there. Sadly, the whole tree is to be taken down on Monday. Wouldn't have been anyone's choice but it's just too dangerous not to.

Also this week we had termite bait stations installed and had our first pest control treatment. We're termite free so far and I'd like it to remain that way. I'm sure hoping the pest control stuff works too 'cause I'm really tired of vacuuming up all the critters that get in the house somehow. Yick! I'm also not a fan of the black widow spiders and such that hang out around the foundation. *shiver*

The other project of the week was getting an air return relocated. The room (the old photo studio) we are going to use as a living room had the return up in the ceiling. Well that's about 15 feet up! I teetered at the top of the extension ladder and changed the filter exactly once. Never again!

So now we have a hole to fill when we get way up there to paint.

This is the hole on the sewing room side of the wall for the new return.

Which now looks like least until we box it in.

Simple, but it's the simple things that make life so much easier!

Look at that. I can reach the vent. Without a ladder! Yippee

They neatly stuffed some cardboard in the old hole to get us by for now.

And then they did a really nice job cleaning up all the drywall dust and insulation fluff that came down. I couldn't resist telling the two guys how much I enjoyed watching them vacuum. LOL!

So this is going to be a nice room...eventually. After the bathroom is done! Oh yeah, the flooring people came to measure this week too. Tomorrow, after he fixes the non-working doorbells that have been making me crazy all week with contractors coming and going, I'm taking The Tramp over to look at the flooring I chose. Not being rich enough to put down an acre of fancy stone tile or hardwood, I chose a cool vinyl product meant for spaces where dampness is a concern....which in my case means wet and dirty dogs! At this point anything is better than wall to wall carpet....sigh.



Stephanie D. said...

I can't say as I understand the insurance company's reasoning. If it was some stupid mistake you made they'd pay for it, but if it's an act of God which was unpreventable and not the result of human error--they won't?

Good thing they don't do health insurance.

Or do they?

JudiA said...

That is a LARGE project you have taken on, but after seeing what you can do, it is sure to be beautiful. (Can you imagine having to live with that awful wallpaper/linoleum combination -- ugh!!) I continue to be amazed by how much you get done.

Tine said...

WOW! A lot has been going on at your house! How odd that you can't get coverage from the insurance. You will be showing pictures of the new bathroom, right?! I kind of like that old wallpaper....looks like a strip-quilt :-)