Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, half the weekend gone and it's been interesting....sorta.

I'm almost done with Orange Crush part 2. A bit tedious all that chain sewing, but I try to zone out and get on with it with the TV or music on. Nothing much of real interest on TV. The Tramp is looking for an Apple Airport thingy so I can listen to iTunes on the stereo in my sewing room.

This morning I've been listening to the WGBH radio show, Sound & Spirit, online. It plays through iTunes and I would love to have it on while I'm sewing. I'd kind of forgotten about it since we moved and was so happy to find it online. This week's show is all about gardens. I love her choice of music. I'm bored with my playlists in iTunes and this is a nice way to find new music to spice up my days. :-)

Yesterday we went up into Raleigh to the State Fairgrounds to the Azalea sale. Lots of choice but I'm not ready to buy yet. Next year! There is always so much going on there, the place is huge. The Flea Market is ongoing. And this weekend there is a Turkish festival, Lebanese festival, Martial Arts festival, Azalea sale, Pipe & Cigar Expo, and Carolina Roller Derby - Bout 2. My goodness!

After that we drove over to the State Farmer's Market. That's a cool place too! Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy the whole thing. I started to feel really sick from a migraine so we cut it short. But I'll go back soon.

Dummy me should have remembered to bring the camera along. Oh well.


Gretchen said...

Haven't started Pt 2 of OC yet. I saw your Pt 1 and I can't wait to see this quilt done in 30s prints! Great blog!

Lynn said...

If you go back to the fairgrounds look for a booth in one of the buildings - there is all sorts of wool, punchneedle, embroidery. Lots of primitive stuff. Even if it isn't what you like to do it's still fun to look. I hope to start PT 2 here soon - but all those triangles are making me hesitant.

Amanda said...

Hope you're feeling better now, migraine's are an absolute curse.

Patchwork Penguin said...

My parents live just north of Raleigh. I remember visiting one tmie and going to the fleamarket at the state fair grounds. I bought a load of resign figures and ornaments to paint and sell at our church craft bazaar. I so want to get back there and buy more of them.