Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I never run out of things to sort. The place usually looks messy on the surface. I like all my stuff close at sight. But I also like all my cabinets etc to be neat. Kind of a contradiction! Must be where the Sailor Son got it from. He sorted his toys rather than "played" with them. He'd spend hours and hours lining up his Matchbox cars rather than "driving" them. He was very different from his sisters. Well...they are all three very different.

Anyway. Yesterday I got the urge to sort out all my beading stuff. AC Moore had the plastic sorter boxes on sale this week for just over $1 each so I ran out and bought a whole bunch. I had a great time today sorting everything by type and color (one of those times when The Tramp would have commented that I was as happy as a kid in a sandbox...LOL) and playing with my label maker. Very satisfying. (I sort my M&Ms by color before I eat them too! *giggle*)

Of course you have to make a mess to clean up a mess! Yikes.

I had been using one of those umpteen drawer cabinets from the hardware store to keep things in but it was soooo dusty that I washed all of the drawers.

The sink is in the dark room that is no longer a dark room. I'm used to having a house with a basement that has a laundry/slop sink. So I use this one for cleaning paint brushes and other dirty stuff. It was all stained from photography chemicals but came up pretty nice after a good scouring. We changed the red light bulbs to curly fluorescents and The Tramp put up lots of shelves. There are still some cabinet doors off (I don't know why), but we have them and will get around to putting them up....eventually!

So the table is now ready to work on.

And the cabinet and drawers are looking good.

Rosie looks pleased as punch. She likes to nag me while I'm working. She almost ended up with a label across her mouth! ;-)

Now the fun part is done I have to do the "real" cleaning. I really really need to vacuum. There are beads and label backs underfoot everywhere!

For your enjoyment. A gratuitous dog photo...or two. My laptop is on a counter. Ngaire curls up in the corner underneath by my footrest and woofer. When she's tired of being curled up she stretches out with a big groan. One way....

Or the other.... In this picture her ear is actually resting on the wheel of my chair. She's totally out of it. Doing that sleeping-with-the-eyes-partly-open thing that animals do. Darned if I know how I don't step on her or roll over a sensitive part. I'm usually an accident waiting to happen!


Amanda said...

Wow, you did have a good clear up. Did you leave yourself any time for sewing or beading? How I wish I could get some photographs of my cat when she's flat out like your dog - I swear she recognises the sound of the camera coming out of its case.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Look at all that organization! Ngaire looks so happy to be with her mama. And be careful about threatening to put tape over Rosie's mouth -- the doll welfare people will be after you LOL!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Very good progress, those kinds of organizational bursts are good for the creative spirit! Your puppy is precious.