Thursday, April 3, 2008

Part 1 is done!

This evening I finished my 150 4-patches for the Orange Crush mystery quilt. It was kind of fun just chain piecing with the TV going. Relaxing really. I enjoyed watching the pile in front of my sewing table grow!

I thought I was going to have trouble doing stuff today as I took a real pratfall yesterday and my arm hurts. It stiffened up overnight but it turned out to be ok for a bit of sewing and ironing today.

The tree men finally finished and the tree is down.

The Tramp now has a massive woodpile to play with! LOL And today he comes home from work and tells me about more wood someone is offering him! Do you really think we need more??? I guess as long as I don't have to chop it or stack it I might as well let him play.

It was pretty nerve wracking watching the guy swinging from the tree and hearing the Bobcat and chainsaws, and the branches and logs dropping to the ground. Some of them shook the house! They were very skillful, but my lack of control over the situation was getting to me by day three so I didn't stay home to watch the final felling.

Large portions of the yard are now moonscape, caused by the Bobcat...sigh.

And there are nasty holes in the lawn from the big pieces hitting the ground. That's why I fell. I went out to start cleaning up after the men left and almost immediately tripped on one of the holes and fell on my face. Now I'm well aware I'm a klutz but sheesh! So I spent the next hour or so filling the holes. Not pretty, but better than the alternative.

The yard looks a little naked to me now without the tree but I'm already having fun in the garden. :-) I figured it would be nice to keep the stump. Now I have to decide what to do with it.

And grandbaby is coming for the weekend! Yippee. DIL sent me this photo the other day of his first visit to the beach. Love That Hat! :-)


Kathy Wagner said...

Love the photos of the sewing of your 4 patch blocks!

meggie said...

I am keeping an eye on that Orange Crush! Every time I read the name, I wish I had an orange to eat!
Love the photo at the beach! He is gorgeous.