Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paperwork...UGH!'s 1:30 pm and I'm still in my PJs. I hate that! But this morning I was determined to get out from under the piles of paper in my study. We decided to try something new so bought TurboTax and did our own taxes last weekend. So those papers were in stacks. Other stacks were created by trying to find those papers. Then there were my usual stacks...sigh. The Tramp puts up with it because he doesn't want to do any of the paperwork! LOL is the before. I get hives just looking at it! In fact I really need my shower now because of all of the dust. :-P

But the after makes me feel good. :-)

Last night I worked on part 2 of Orange Crush. I got to cut a bazillion triangles while watching a movie. Thank goodness for the Easy Angle ruler! And we bought it this week at Joann's for 50% off. Very cool.

I finally had to concede defeat and my new Bernina is in the shop. There was no point wrestling with it anymore. So the church paraments are on hold again and the Featherweight is out. It's great for piecing, though I've still got a bunch more to cut! The 142 large triangles are done, and the 142 dark squares. I'm still plugging away with the 284 small triangles. But at least my cutting table is now clear of papers so I can cut more strips!

This is a photo of a large photo we just had framed. It doesn't have a home on the wall yet since we don't have a living room yet (grumble, grumble). One of The Tramp's friends in New Zealand is a glider pilot. He had a photographer stand on the side of the mountain and take pictures as he flew at him. It's a spectacular photo. He was even able to tell us the exact latitude and longitude! The light spot is from my flash and it also washed out the colors a bit, to say nothing of all the reflections. But if I hadn't used the flash you would be able to see my reflection in the glass too, pajamas and all! Not pretty. :-)

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Amanda said...

Well done Katie, you must feel so good having go your paperwork sorted out and done. I just love that photograph, it'll look great on your wall. I'm well underway with OC2 as well.