Friday, May 20, 2016

Moving life out of the way and getting on with the good stuff.....

It's been an interesting few months.  Surgery in March.  Not fun.  Nothing earth shattering, just repairs.  One of the side effects of getting older.  Sigh.  Much more shattering however, was discovering I had not one, but two cracked teeth that had to come out.  I survived and live to tell the tale.  I must say, the specialist certainly does earn his (large) fee, both with his expertise and also sheer effort.  The single root tooth came out quite easily, but the triple rooted tooth turned out to be much more difficult as two of the roots were joined at their points.  Unusual he said, but not unheard of.  Great.  Just what I needed.  Unusual teeth.  The implant post is in place in one space and the other space has bone graft material in it.  It wasn’t a horrible experience, but I wouldn’t want to make a habit of it.  A great excuse to splurge on chocolate ice cream though!

In between all the pain killers and restricted activity I've been doing a bit of sewing and having fun with The Viking.  The Tramp has been a brick through it all.  A few photos to collect together for another post.  

Today I was hugely excited to start my La Passacaglia quilt. This morning I bought a binder for storing my Inklingo reference materials 

and I also stumbled upon these very appropriate binder pockets to hold my freezer papers!

I got the center of a rosette fussy cut (above, not sewn together yet) per the Inklingo instructions, but couldn't get anything else to print out on my HP. The smaller page sizes were jamming it up. I was SO bummed. BUT! This afternoon, Hubby the Miracle Man, found the perfect Canon on Craigslist....for $20!! Happy Dance! When the ink arrives tomorrow from Amazon, I'll be in business!! Woot! (send The Tramp a sympathy card)  

Piglet says goodnight.  :-)


Tine said...

I'm sorry to hear about the dental work - that's never fun :-(
The "repair work" doesn't sound too great either. Hopefully you'll be fine for a long time now!
The binder and the binder pockets look great, you'll be so organized with this project. The fuzzy cutting really does make a difference, doesn't it? I should start working that way a little bit, I never do fuzzy cut anything... But I really should!

Lorraine said...

Nice to be moving on to some fun stuff after the surgery and dentistry experiences! My dentist obviously recognised my Princess status when he put together a plan to crown pretty much every tooth in my head ......slowly working through the plan ...very slowly! It's an expensive business! Looking forward to following your progress on the new project.

Jenny said...

Dental work is never fun, is it.

Now you have made the commitment to start La Passacaglia, we will be watching every step of the way. This quilt will have to be a long term project, I'm sure. So just take your time, and enjoy planning, cutting and stitching each and every little rossette!