Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's the little things

Yesterday brought on the urge for a little gardening.  Very little in fact.  Just a few buckets from the dollar store drilled with drainage holes and planted with vegetables.  It remains to be seen how this minimalistic effort will pan out.

It's nice to see beautiful little things blooming unsupervised in corners of the yard.

Not so beautiful, but equally me at the laying out of the components of the first La Passacaglia rosette.  A little progress!  I only jammed the printer once today so I think my Inklingo technique is improving.  :-)

Oops.  Thunder rumbling in the distance.  Time to make sure my sewing machines are unplugged.  And look at that.  Time to go to bed too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,what beautiful flowers ,your rosette is lovely,well done my friend xx

Janice said...

I've just caught up on all your doings over the last little while. Lots has been happening. Your sewing for the Viking sounds like a lot of fun. I'm also looking forward to the progress on your latest project. Quite an undertaking. I'm pleased that your "repairs" are done. Here's hoping you don't need more for a while. Enjoy your spring gardening.