Sunday, September 29, 2013


When last I posted, I was under the influence of narcotics.  Not only did I take that awful photo of myself.....I actually posted it!!!  Yikes!  Anyway, I saw far too much of this view.  Five (long) dental visits in just over a week.  OMG  What did I do to deserve that???

On a more cheerful note, the new (again) transmission in Red seems to be working fine....for now.  On the way to one dental session I managed to get the best gas mileage I've ever had in this car.  Something must be working right.  :-)

Last week was ED and LZF's wedding anniversary so we did a bit of babysitting.  I made pasta for dinner.  What fun we had with it!

And the bath afterwards was great fun too.

In his own playroom where he can be safely let loose, he walks and walks and walks.  The Engergizer Bunny has nothing on The Viking!

I get tired just watching him put miles on those sturdy little legs!  :-)

However, after sitting on my butt for a couple of weeks nursing my tooth, I realized the weather is now too nice and there is no excuse for not getting out and doing some walking myself.  In the early mornings with a dog....

or in the afternoons and weekends with The Tramp.  Not much color in the trees yet, despite the cooler weather and passing the official first day of autumn.  The house will be emerging from the foliage soon no doubt and we'll be getting our exercise raking.

Today I was thrilled to pass 10,000 steps.  Woot!  Mileage!

The other item on the agenda for this weekend....and to put some mileage on the sewing machine and finish up Lilly Pilly.  I backed the top with batting and completed the machine applique this morning.   Then spent a couple of hours playing with quilting designs on practice pieces.

And do I need practice!  I dug out my Quilting Modern book for inspiration.  This looks like fun and it's a bit like the quilting design on the pattern picture.  

And I think I can do it around the tree and birds too.  Fingers crossed!

So this evening I got it layered with the backing fabric and ready to go as soon as I finish a couple of t-shirt quilt tops.  Getting started always seems to be the hardest part for me.  Sigh.  But now I can't wait!  :-)


Jenny said...

Oh dear - poor you. Five dental visits and a root canal. I've had several of those in my time, and they are never pleasant.

Hope you are feeling much better now.

Lorraine said...

I have a couple of big dental appointments coming up later in the year...should put a dent in the finances as well! Hope you get some quilting time in between all that walking! Lovely weather to be out and about!

Lynn said...

I love that quilt top, is that the one that was hanging at CQC? Glad that the dentist is mostly behind you. There should be a warning on cameras not to use under the influence.