Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chemical soup

Since last Friday it's been all about the tooth.  #5 tooth apparently.  And of course health matters always come up on Fridays when it's too late to do anything about it before the weekend.  Sigh.

Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable weekend.  The Sailor Son ran a 5K in Morrisville Saturday morning.  The Viking and his parents came to watch.  It was nice and cool!

And they're off!   That's Sailor Son in the white shirt.

We had a fun time waiting for him to come back to the finish line.  We jumped on and off the curb and played with the pine straw.  Pine straw is fascinating stuff when you're 11 months old.  

And there he comes!

Yay Uncle Sailor Man!

While I slowly faded due to the tooth, the Viking had fun at our house.

And at his own house.

In preparation for the weekend I Furminated the dogs.  Wow.  That's a whole 'nother dog!

By the time Monday came around the tooth was extremely painful.  This meant narcotics.  The narcotics make me that meant antihistamines.  It also meant penicillin.  Which meant another round of thrush....which meant another round of clotrimazole troches.  The sinuses ached and stuffed up.  Which meant decongestant.  We won't mention the migraine, sleeping sitting up at night and only eating foods that don't require chewing.  Sigh.  I'm a walking chemical reaction.

In between naps I did do a bit of Santa stitching.  I'm on number 10 of 12!  :-)

And finished up this colorful t-shirt top.

This morning was root canal time.  Never fun.  The Tramp and I upgraded our iPhones with IOS 7 last night.  After the procedure and when the narcotics kicked in, and the resulting long nap sitting up in my chair, I sat quietly in the dim afternoon light exploring the new IOS features, including the camera upgrades.

Don't ask me why that included taking some selfies!  Must have been the drugs.  I sure look like I'm on drugs!  Goodness gracious.  What a train wreck.

I'm pleased to report the drugs have mostly worn off and I actually do feel better.  I may even be able to sleep laying down in my own bed tonight.  Yay!!


Lorraine said...

Oh wow! Hope you are feeling much better now! Nothing like a chemical chain reaction to knock you for six!

Lynn said...

Oh no, dental work :(
It's supposed to be cloudy and rainy this weekend, that will be good for resting, playing with the new phone.
I love that tee shirt quilt, you're right it is colorful.