Thursday, July 4, 2013


I believe the rest of pack is moving off towards bed so just a quick post ( quick as I seem to be able to manage) to catch up.  :-)

In case you were wondering, this is what a melted car engine looks like.

Eldest Daughter's much loved PT Cruiser was plowed into by a taxi.  It is assumed the driver was quite drunk.  Thank goodness they weren't in the car, as it is badly damaged and the engine went up in flames.  :-(

The rain has been endless.  The pond is permanently brown.

There have been moments of blue sky but then the black clouds move in yet again.  I stopped to take this photo while running to hop into Red.  It was a nasty storm to drive home in.

If you enjoy watching clouds it has certainly been interesting.  :-)

Of course that means it's great weather for working in The Sandbox.  So this t-shirt quilt top and memory quilt top have been finished and delivered.

I also quilted a charity quilt for Quilts on Wheels.  Another guild member made the top and I volunteered to quilt and bind it.  I took my inspiration from the book, Quilting Modern, and had fun playing with the settings on my Bernina to get the wavy effect.

It looks even better nice and crinkly after washing.  :-)

I didn't make this quilt either.  It's for the Heritage Day Quilt Auction and I volunteered to bind it.

This is the Auction quilt my bee put together at our retreat back in May.  Cathy quilted both of these quilts and apparently I had volunteered to bind this one too.  I think Cathy's quilting design complements the irish chain very nicely.  I hope it brings in a good price!

A wet Charlie after taking a shower with me.  :-)

The garage cleaning project (ugh!) continues.  The nice neat wall of tools and bicyles I posted a photo of was an illusion.  We have so much more to do!

Last weekend we sorted lots of stuff even though no one but us would know!

We packed the car full of items for both the dump and the thrift shop.  More garage work coming up this weekend.  Happy holiday!  :-)

This is the beeswax candle on our dining room table.  The coil is almost gone and I need to find a source for a refill.  We burn an inch or so at dinner time and when I look at it I can't help but think of all the lovely quiet time and conversation we've had at the table, just the two of us.  And of course, with three dogs laying at our feet and Charlie yelling from the other room.  Ahhhh.  Family life.

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

That is awful about your daughter's car!! I hope that the insurance and all goes swiftly and smoothly.