Monday, July 8, 2013

"On the road again......."

I shouldn't really quote Willie Nelson.  We only went about 100 miles round trip on Sunday, but since I haven't been anywhere for a while it felt like the "open road."  lol   I suppose the song popped into my head as I've been getting emails announcing Willie Nelson is coming to town.  I think we'd better get tickets while he's still touring!

Anyway.  We drove out to Chapel Hill to buy something offered on Craigslist.  Well....The Tramp drove while I sky-watched.

On the face of it, the weather was lovely, but we kept driving through surprise rain showers.

Since we were already halfway there, we drove on to JR in Burlington to get The Tramp some new Wranglers.  You can't beat the prices.

(I really do have a cloud fetish, don't I.)  We also enjoyed all the yellow daylilies planted along the highway, in some places combined with pink crape myrtle trees.  Of course I didn't get that photo.  :-)

There was no lack of people on the road.  Not really surprising on a holiday weekend.

In the evening I got the wyvern's "mask" stuffed.  I couldn't resist pinning the parts together to see the effect!  Now I need to add paint to all the pieces.

Today it was back to t-shirt quilts.  These are Virginia Tech shirts.  All eighty-nine of them.  Gulp.

It's a large two-sided quilt with "burnt orange" and "Chicago maroon" borders.  This is going to take me a while.  :-)


Lynn said...

The dragon is amazing!
Is this for yourself or someone else, it really is exquisite. That's a lot of shirts, are you sore after so much cutting?

Ivory Spring said...

Happy Quilting! :)