Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miscellaneous glories

It continues to rain just about every day.  I was beginning to wonder if my morning glories would ever bloom.  The plants themselves are going to take over the world soon, reaching out to grab at anything that get too close!  It could be too much rain and not enough sun this summer.'s because I planted them where they don't get morning sun.  Duh.  Anyway, I was surprised and pleased to spot some blooms yesterday.  Yay!

Glory be!  The massive double-sided Virginia Tech quilt is done.  97 shirts!  Both tops folded up in the bag were hugely heavy.  I can't imagine how many pounds it is once it has batting in it!  I'll have to remember to ask.  If they have to ship it they'll know.  The colors are very striking.  That orange is pretty glorious.

Charlie glories in his morning shower.  At least I think he does.  He certainly doesn't like to be left out of whatever is going on.  

Maisy, who HATES showers, worries and fusses outside the shower door whenever Charlie is in there.  If we peek out the door and ask her if she wants a shower too she reverses quickly out of the room.  It's hysterical.  Ivy, our Catholic dog (oh the guilt!), when she hears the word shower will slink into the bathroom practically on her belly, giving herself over to the inevitable.  Also hysterical.  Ngaire keeps a prudent distance from the whole thing.  Out of sight out of mind I suppose.  Of course as soon as we're not looking someone sniffs around the wet shower stall and leaves muddy footprints everywhere.  (Good thing I don't worry too much about keeping the tile gloriously white.)

I've pretty much finished the painting on the wyvern.  I planned to take photos today during daylight but never got around to it.  The tail and the face are done and I think all that's left to do is assemble all the pieces.  Cool!  I hope it will be a glorious success.  


Lorraine said...

that is one big quilt!! I am not sure what Rose would think about getting into the shower. I have been spectacularly unproductive lately but am hoping to get some mojo back soon....

Ivory Spring said...

Wow, that quilt is stunning!