Sunday, March 10, 2013


HA!  I thought things came in threes.  Don't you believe it.  As of this moment we are up to FIVE.

(Actually six if I count the loss of a very special person, but he is way too special to be included in all our car and property nonsense.)

The recent string of minor and major crises continued on Friday morning when Paul, our realtor, called.  The realtor calling should be a good thing, no?  Not this time.  He had just received a call from someone who had been peering in the windows of our Other House.  This person called to say it looked like there was water on the floor.  Oh.  Noooooo.  Paul hopped in his car and drove down to check things out.  I soon received his call reporting water on the powder room floor and soaked carpets.  He turned off water sources and switched off the well pump to give us time to get down there later in the day.  Let me say right now we are HUGELY GRATEFUL for this thoughtful stranger who took the time to call in.

Oh.  Ewwww.  Look at that floor!  (This part of the house is on a concrete slab.)  All we can think is that when we checked on the house last Sunday, which included running water and flushing toilets to keep things from going stagnant, something went wrong with this toilet and it's been silently overflowing.  All.  Week.  Long.

The plumber is coming on Monday and I'm sure will tell us the either bad, or very bad reason we have a toilet bowl full of red mud.

Every inch of green carpet in both adjoining rooms was/is completely soaked.

And you can see the layer of red clay mud on the surface of the carpet.

Our footprints as we walked around.  And oh how bad it smells!

The really dark looking wet part is against the bathroom wall.  But the rest of the carpet is just as wet and went squishy, squishy, squishy, squishy when we walked on it.  SO gross.

Our own carpet machine wasn't up to the job so The Tramp sent me out to rent a big one while he did his best with ours.  Even with the commercial machine, the tank filled up in one or two passes over the carpet.  The Tramp figures we sucked over 100 gallons out of the two rooms.

While he continued with that, I tackled the bathroom floor.  This was after the first mop up.  We left things to dry overnight Friday and on Saturday sucked a whole lot more water out of the carpets.  The bathroom floor had stayed dry so I gave it a thorough cleaning.  I know the plumber will most likely make a mess but I just couldn't leave it.  The baseboards are new, done when the house was repaired and painted for sale.  Now they are swollen and wonky.  Sigh.

The silver lining to the weekend was absolutely fabulous weather.  So fabulous in fact, everything is growing again and we planned to go back to the house on Sunday to mow the lawns and do some general puttering around.  Regular every day relaxing chores.  I mean, short of a tornado or such, what else could happen?

Yep.  You betcha.  Saturday evening, just as we sat our weary carpet-sucking bones down at our desks I received an excited email from the next door neighbors who keep an eye out on the empty house for far as the outside is concerned.  Apparently there was a car accident at the intersection across from our houses and one of the cars ended up in our front yard.  The car spun across the yard and into those holly trees at the corner.

The for sale sign is toast!

There were bits of car and sign all over the place.

We are told the driver was injured.  :-(  I'm so glad the car missed that big white rock (as well as the house!) or it could have been even worse.

The ruts aren't too bad either and the big hollies are ok.  I'm hoping they helped the car come to a cushioned landing!

I had wanted to bring that big white rock up to our new house, but the last time we tried to budge it we couldn't and I gave up the idea.  Today The Tramp decided to try again.  It moved!  Oh no.  Then he wanted to put it in the car.  NO! NO!  No more crises.  I can't take it!  We mustn't hurt ourselves being stupid about a rock!

Well looky.  Someone was overruled.  There it is in the back of Red.  (Not looking so very large as it's partially hidden by the folded tarp.)  I asked The Tramp how heavy he thought it was and he guessed about 250lbs.  Then he lifted me up and assured me it's much heavier than me.  LOL  Isn't he a sweetie?

Now all the rocks I wanted to "rescue" from the other house are here.  The big one will stay right there by the driveway looking picturesque.  I'm not "helping" move it again!  :-)

Good news from last week (there had to be some) includes the bluebirds starting their nest....

the dogs continue to be our devoted companions....

and a memory quilt went out the door.  Yay!  The sister quilt is in progress and if I ever get to stay home will be finished soon.

So how was your weekend?


Jenny said...

My goodness Katie, what a terrible thing to happen to your newly decorated "other" house. Hope your insurance covers the cost of fixing it all up. Best of luck with the clean up.

Lynn said...

Oh no :(

When it rains it pours, but I guess it should be when the toilet leaks it floods.

We have times like that here, right now I have 3 bathrooms that need major overhauls.

I hope this week brings something nice and cheery and dry!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Oh my goodness what problems. At least the stranger called your realtor and let you know about the water problem. I guess it could have been worse. Here's to getting the plumbing fixed and all of your floors cleaned and nice smelling again.

And I'm really, really sorry that you lost someone dear to you recently.
:-( [[Hugs]]

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sending your Hugs...hope things soon settle out soon!