Monday, March 18, 2013

In sickness and in health

Both are going around our house at the moment.  The Tramp is sick and I'm well.....but of course we all know that could change at any moment.

The second memory quilt of this pair went out the door on Thursday.  I was so relieved to get it done and move on to something different.  I think in the last post I said a change is as good as a rest?  :-)

So Friday I puttered around until it was time to go meet the insurance adjuster at the Other House.  It was a lovely day for puttering.

A bit of pond watching with the dogs.

A bit of bird watching too.

And it's garden watching time.  Spring is springing slowly but surely.

The birds were treated to clean feeders.

It was also a good day for gluten-free baking.  Two "historic grain" loaves are rising under the towel.  We are still having frustrating issues with our oven's temperature.  Something went right though, and The Tramp and I were very pleased when the loaves came out perfectly and didn't collapse once again!  On the left is a banana bread.  If you like bananas, a good banana bread recipe is a heavenly combination of butter, sugar, flour and, of course, bananas.  Yummy!  We hadn't been particularly pleased with any of the gluten-free banana bread recipes I'd found so far.  Weird textures and no yummy for the tummy.  Well.  If "regular" banana bread is sexy, this loaf from a new recipe is an orgy!  Besides the usual stuff it has crushed pineapple, coconut, walnuts and chocolate chips.  Swoon!  (My thighs may never recover!)

After a couple of hours with a very pleasant insurance adjuster, I was ready to do something more creative than puttering.  Soledad has been waiting patiently for attention....well, I assume patiently. I haven't heard any weird thumping noises from the Sandbox Annex.  Now the torso has a head, arms and hands.  I've added Paperclay to the neck, shoulders and wrists to cover the joints.  Once she is dry there will be sanding and smoothing to do and then I can paint her to match her face and hands.

After a stressful week and eating catch as catch can, it was nice to sit down to a "real" meal....whatever that is.  :-)

Saturday we started garden projects so spent some time at garden centers as well as Lowes and Home Depot.  It's been a real test of willpower for me to not buy all the pretty plants.  We still have so much prep work to do.  Sigh.

A few moments of rest on the porch with the dogs.  Ngaire was up on her elbows with her chin on The Tramp's foot.  Kodak moment!  Of course she moved as soon as she saw me hold up my phone for the photo.  I don't know how, but they always know.

My poor Tramp was very under the weather yesterday and only a bit better today.  So yesterday nothing got done.  Today though, I prepped nine bags of t-shirts!  That's the mountain of leftover scraps.  I haven't counted yet but it must be almost 100 shirts (for three quilts).  It will be interesting to see when I finish up stabilizing them tomorrow.

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Jenny said...

Oh, poor Tramp, hope he is feeling better soon, give him a big hug to make him feel better. Hope you don't get sick as well.