Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another week gone

In a flash!  Where did it go?  My calendar isn't telling me.  Let me see.....there were the usual cookings, cleanings and vacuumings, a quilting bee, meetings with contractors, Craigslist transactions, long walks in the evenings, swimming at the health club, work, sewing, filling bird feeders, shopping.....  I guess we were busy!

Photos of grands have been spotted on Facebook.  Isn't he the cutest?  He's the image of his daddy.

Some of the 151 prepped t-shirts are now a quilt top.  The rest are waiting for Julianne's design talents.  There are three more bags of t-shirts sitting behind me waiting for the holiday weekend to be over so I can get on with them.

Since Friday was a holiday for The Tramp and the weather was gorgeous, I dragged him outside to work on the gardens.

 We got the gardens placed and filled and started adding the grids that make them Square Foot Gardens.

The Tramp fussed with the little fountain and got it working again.  :-)

He's also been amusing me with some of the many short music videos stored on his computer.  He found a software program called Beamer which will show them through the TV and stereo in the Sandbox.  It's been everyone from KD Lang to Benny Hill to Louis Armstrong to Herbs to Dave Dobbin to Chet Atkins to UB40 to Michael Buble to Gilbert O'Sullivan....just to name a very few.  Last night's eclectic selection included The Muppets performing Bohemian Rhapsody.  Gotta love it. :-)

We had another pleasant day today which included sun and warm temps, a trip to the library with Dad, lunch at Mellow Mushroom, and visits to garden centers and Home Depot for more garden bits.  The garden on the left is waiting for a trellis and warmer season plants such as tomatoes and cucumber.  The garden under plastic is filled with vegetables and ready for yet another chilly night.  I have a pile of seed packets waiting to be planted in the other garden.  I need to read them all, make lists and get organized in my head what should be planted where and when.  Yikes!  While I fussed, The Tramp tore out two of the row of azalea bushes that sit in the middle of the yard.

They are now re-located along the fence.  Judging from the difficulty we had killing the remains of others we've removed I suspect they'll survive as long as I don't forget to keep them watered.

The new compost bins are starting to fill, and it's definitely better with a front so the dogs can't get at the food scraps!  Heh.

During quiet moments in the Sandbox I've been plugging away at the Sweet Potato quilt blocks.  I'm determined to not leave it as another UFO!  I finished a few more tonight and pinned them up on the wall to see the effect.  It's still not my color palette but it's looking ok!

While I sew (or type) and the music videos play, all around us dogs are in repose.  Maisy gives up early on and is off on her bed in our bedroom.  Ivy always stays where she can keep tabs on me.

I got a rare photo of Ngaire where you can actually see her features.  :-)

Yes Ivy.  I pointed the camera at you.

You too Ngaire!

Oops.  He's playing the Goodnight Kiwi video.  Good night!  Happy Easter!

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SoozieSuzy said...

I love it, "Goodnight Kiwi." That is a blast from the past for sure. Your work in the garden sounds tiring and looks fabulous.