Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Lookit!  Houses!  Joined!  Woot!

I have 150 more to make but Oh What Fun it is to see a row together!

We recently signed up for Netflix's streaming service which is great for company during the day while I'm sewing.  (Much cheaper than cable, which we weren't really watching anyway.)  Earlier in the summer The Tramp had made me a new table for the Bernina and I was so pleased to have a sewing "nest" in a corner of the room.  The Juki, which I use so much, was shoved in that far corner where the white cabinet is now, facing the wall.  What a crick I was getting in my neck trying to see the television.  So today we pushed and prodded some of the furniture around and came up with a better "nest."  :-)

Now I can see Charlie too!  I sat down to work on the houses at the sewing machine and the TV was on with a show about the science of music.  Charlie screeched all the way through it and then some.  We can usually distract him from his screeching, but not this time.  I just couldn't figure out what he was freaking out about.  I was about to banish him to his cage when the light dawned.  See the doll in my desk chair?  I put here there when we were shifting the sewing table.  She's always been in the room but never so close to him.  I picked her up and carried her close so he could get a good look.  Then I put her back on the chair and he just acted like nothing had ever happened.  Now why couldn't I have figured that out an hour earlier!  :-)

Now I've got a nice view of the rest of the room.  I still have the four memory quilts in progress and the clothing piled everywhere.  Number two is almost done.

Sewing the houses together is no problem.....but removing all the foundation paper is a bear.

It makes a mess too!

The weather has been cool and gorgeous.

The volunteer cherry tomatoes are growing like weeds though I suspect it's too late for much of a crop.

A few days ago we had a terrific storm and the pond overflowed.  It takes quite a while for all the brown mess to settle.

The stand pipe is waiting to be cleared.

Not pretty.

The water was up to the base of this tree at the foot of our driveway.  I don't think water ever reaches the road on our side of the pond though.  I can't imagine how bad a storm that would be!

We bought rain gutter filters at Costco and finally cleaned out the gutter over the garage doors and installed it.   This gutter I can reach.  We're going to have to hire someone to do the others.

Nice as it is, the mosquitoes are still horrendous.  Watching the world from inside is much more comfortable.  :-)

We received this wonderful pic of Magenta in her hoodie and blue jeans.

And several shots of Stardust at Land of Make Believe.  Her first carousel ride.


And clearly delighted with the train ride.

Just look at those curls!

Grand #6 is only a month away.  I can't wait!


Raewyn said...

Hi Katie - its interesting to see all your photos - and hard case about Charlie and the doll! Your houses look great all joined up - and yes, I find removing foundation papers a bit of a messy job, too!

Jenny said...

Your little houses are so cute!

So are your grand-children. How nice to have another one coming soon.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your houses are wonderful. I still have only 3...I really should make a few more :o)

Funny story about Charlie and the doll..he sounds like a pretty clever bird! Does he screech when a stranger comes into the house? If so you wouldn't need an alarm.

Liam said...

@Sew Create It - Jane... I think the current Early Warning System of 3 moderately large dogs, with matching sized voices, would drown out even Charlie's screeching.

Anonymous said...

Houses! Woot, Woot!!

Have you seen the photo of Union Cong's finished Houses Quilt?